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What is Revature?

Revature is the tech talent enablement firm that sets the bar for the rest.

The facts speak for themselves

96% get hired after completing training.

The facts speak for themselves

89% convert to permanent employees after Revature.

The facts speak for themselves

95% retention after two years.

The facts speak for themselves

90% of Revature alumni say we had a positive impact on their careers.

Why Revature?

Leading Companies Trust Revature

7 of the 10

Biggest banks in the US trust Revature

3 of the 5

Top management consulting firms trust Revature

8 of the 10

Largest global system integrators trust Revature

"Revature software engineers have industry recognized certifications that we know are hard to achieve"
— Tom Greiner

How our flagship solution works

Our unique approach to discovering talent hones in on attitude and aptitude.

We hire from over 700 universities across the country, and train our engineers on modern, real-world tech stacks for long-term success.

Start today. Find your next hire.

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Whether you’re a Fortune 500 looking to hire a team of day-one ready developers or an aspiring engineer, it all starts here.

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