Trademark Policy

1. Introduction

Revature® and its affiliates (collectively “Revature”) have a reputation for providing high quality services and they maintain a portfolio of trademarks, service marks, and trade names (collectively “Trademarks”), which take various forms and may include letters, words, typefaces, logos, designs, images, slogans, and colors. These Trademarks are important corporate assets, and Revature requires that they be used properly. As such, Revature has created this Trademark Usage Policy (“Policy”) that governs usage of its Trademarks and must be adhered to. To preserve its reputation and protect its Trademarks, Revature diligently guards against any violation of its Trademarks. Anyone looking to use Revature’s Trademarks must receive prior written permission from Revature to do so and any permitted usage must always be in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Policy.

2. Unauthorized Uses

Certain activities may constitute infringement or dilution of Revature’s Trademarks and are not permitted. Please review the following list of ways to avoid unauthorized use of Revature’s Trademarks:

  • Do not use the Revature logo in any materials without the written permission of Revature.
  • Do not use a Revature Trademark or name in a manner that is likely to cause confusion about the origin of any product, service, material, technology, program, or other offering.
  • Do not use any Revature Trademark or name as, or as a part of, a company, product, service, solution, technology, or program name that does not belong to Revature.
  • Do not use a Revature Trademark or name in a manner that is likely to dilute, defame, disparage, or harm the reputation of Revature (when in doubt, consult Revature Legal).
  • Do not use any Trademark, name, or designation that is confusingly similar to the Revature name or any Revature Trademark.
  • Do not copy or imitate any Revature trade dress, type style, logo, or the look, design, or overall commercial impression of any Revature website, blog, or other materials.
  • Do not register or use any domain name that incorporates any Revature Trademark or name.
  • Do not register or seek to register a Revature Trademark or name, or any mark or name that is confusingly similar to a Revature Trademark or name.

Additionally, you explicitly agree that you will not bid on or use Revature Trademarks, abbreviations thereof, or words or phrases confusingly similar thereto: (i) as paid search keywords; (ii) in the ad text/search listing; (iii) as any Display URL; or (iv) as a destination URL. For purposes of clarification, you are not authorized, and it is a violation of this Policy, to bid on terms including but not limited to “Revature,” “RevaturePro,” “Multivision,” “,” “Revature Talent xChange,” “xChange,” and/or any terms that are confusingly similar to these or other Revature Trademarks on any search engine.

You should negative-match all such Revature Trademark terms in your paid search campaigns to avoid having your ad appearing as a search result via broad-match on keyword searches of the Revature Trademark term, as such would be considered a violation of this Policy.

3. Usage Rules

Revature grants permission to third parties to use its Trademarks and name where appropriate, but such permission must be granted in advance and in writing from Revature. In addition to complying with the other aspects of this Policy, and provided you have prior written permission from Revature, any such permissible use of Revature’s Trademarks or names also must comply with the following guidelines and any license or usage requirements for use of the specific Trademark. Revature acknowledges that the use of Revature Trademarks, excluding any Revature logos, may be necessary to refer to Revature’s services or to describe the subject matter of some materials, products, and/or programs. All such use must be accurate and descriptive in nature and comply with this Policy and these guidelines.

  • Do not alter, adapt, modify, animate, or morph any Revature Trademarks. Examples of what not to do include: abbreviating or shortening a Trademark (for example, Revature to R), combining or hyphenating a Trademark with
    another prefix or work (for example, Revature-led), or using a slash mark with any Trademark (for example, Revature/XYZCo).
  • Do not use the Revature name or Revature Trademarks next to your name or the name of your products or services or in a manner that suggests, or is likely to give the impression of, an affiliation or association.
  • Do not use the Revature name or any Revature Trademark as part of a product, services, solution, or program name.
  • Do not use any Revature name or Trademark with any other letters, numbers, words, designs, or logos.
  • Do not use any Revature name or Trademark as the visual focal point of any materials.
  • The Revature name or Trademarks must not be more prominently displayed than your name or your product or service name.
  • The Revature name or Trademarks must be visually distinguishable from your name and your product and service names.
  • Any reference to Revature or use of a Revature Trademark or name must be truthful, accurate, and not misleading.
  • Always use the proper spelling for Revature’s name and Trademarks.
  • Do not pluralize the Revature name or Trademarks.
  • Revature’s Trademarks should be used only for the corresponding services for which they were originally intended.
  • Do not use Revature’s Trademarks or name in any way they were not intended to be used.
  • Always use the ® or ™ symbol in connection with a Revature Trademark.

4. Trademark Permission Requests

To request permission to use a Revature Trademark, contact If permission is granted, you agree to strictly abide by the usage guidelines in this Policy. Any exceptions to this Policy may only be granted by a written directive from an authorized member of the Revature executive team.

5. Disclaimer

This policy document is not intended to serve as legal advice. Should you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties, please consult your own attorney. Should you have further questions regarding Revature’s Trademark Usage Policy, please contact

Revature reserves the right to withdraw its permission granting the undersigned permission to use Revature’s Trademarks at any time and without reason or notice. If Revature revokes its permission hereunder, the undersigned Company shall immediately cease usage of Revature’s Trademarks and shall return or destroy its copies of the same.