January 26th, 2023 Revature

Client Story: Driving a Culture Shift with Talent Enablement

How an unconventional approach to hiring and upskilling creates a winning engineering culture.

When a new CIO joined a large bank headquartered in New York City, he learned that his team of more than 8,000 people use over 12,000 manual processes. These processes are used to maintain the technology infrastructure and fintech tools that support the custody and administration of $44.3 trillion in assets. With a vision of building winning engineering culture, he knew he needed to leverage unconventional strategies.

The CIO and his leadership team partnered with Revature to create a talent enablement program that would track to measurable results. Through a deep understanding of the leadership’s vision, and a knack for creative problem solving, the Revature team proposed a unique solution that leverages Talent Enablement as a ServiceSM.

The organization will identify a cohort of current employees to upskill on UIPath, as well as other technologies that will help automate the 12,000 processes used today. The organization will also welcome new employees through Revature’s Hire Train Deploy program. The two groups – a combined cohort of tech professionals in all stages of career growth – will train together, in a newly established Center of Excellence in Florida.

Through Revature’s partnership with UIPath, the team will receive UIPath training as a part of Revature’s award winning program. The benefits of this innovative approach to hiring and upskilling are expected to include short term and long term results. In fact, the training program itself has been customized to include automating one of the organization’s real-life manual tasks, so the impact will be nearly immediate. Other expected benefits include:

  • Positive ROI through efficiencies in eliminating manual tasks
  • Team building across new and established employees
  • Reduction in mistakes
  • Ability to focus on strategy development across the organization

The bank has big plans to continue their 230-year history well into the digital age. Through cultural transformation, they are well positioned to succeed. Watch this space for updates on the program as it launches in February 2023 and continues with monthly training cohorts.