December 8th, 2022 Revature

Case Study: Delivering on Innovation with Tech Talent

America’s largest financial institution is committed to leading the next wave of fintech innovation. The organization invests over $12 billion in technology annually – including approximately $3 billion specifically in innovation. This requires best-in-class talent at all levels, from emerging tech professionals to leadership.


As the financial institution planned their talent management strategy, they identified a need for a steady pipeline of entry-level tech talent. As the foundation of the tech talent pipeline, emerging tech professionals are the institution’s future leaders. Safeguarding against attrition within this group is especially important – and difficult to navigate – as Generation Z sets the workforce stage with new normal and expectations.


In 2018, the financial institution partnered with Revature, leveraging their flagship hire-train-deploy program. Since, Revature has delivered hundreds of software engineers trained specifically on the institution’s exact tech stack. The institution values Revature’s ability to customize content just for them, and to update training curriculum so that it continues to meet their business needs as they evolve.

Part of Revature’s award winning training program that gives clients a distinct advantage is how it prepares associates to continue to learn. One Revature alumni currently working as a software engineer shared, “What I was told early on in my Revature training held true: You aren’t here to learn Java. You’re here to learn how to learn. Specifically learning software development and learn it quickly.”

This attitude is shared by many Revature alumni. A senior Fintech application developer noted, “Revature training prepared me to learn new skills and keep growing my experiences throughout my career.”


Ninety percent of this client’s Revature software engineers have been converted to full time employees at the institution. These tech professionals have worked on technologies used by millions of users around the world. And, they are already moving into management and leadership roles within the institution.

Revature software engineers contribute to a long-term sustainable pipeline through their commitment to continued learning and grit.


Because of Revature’s flexible approach to partnership, the relationship with this institution is already evolving to meet the client’s changing needs. Revature is upskilling current employees to help them deliver on project goals and product roadmaps, and to mitigate against attrition.

With this institution’s unprecedented investment in innovation, the tech team that delivers on it has the opportunity to transform how we bank, manage businesses and interact with financial technologies. You could have used tech developed by Revature software engineers just this week. Through partnership with Revature, the institution has the tech talent they need to deliver on innovation, today and tomorrow.

Click here to download the case study PDF, which includes the details of a diversity-focused initiative and the client’s tech stack.