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Revature is at the forefront of innovation and talent development. We provide training to college students and recent college grads in enterprise-level, next-gen and niche technology through engaging online programs and our world class 10-14 week immersive, industry aligned coding bootcamp.

RevaturePro Online

Revature's online programs are available to all college students and recent college graduates. In RevaturePro online, you can choose from 22 engaging, fully online, self-paced programs supporting all levels from beginner to advanced. All of our online programs are completely free, without commitment, and you receive support from a dedicated mentor.

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RevaturePro Bootcamp

Get Trained. Get Hired.

Revature’s FREE Coding Bootcamp includes:

  • A 12-week immersive, industry aligned coding program
  • 12 weeks of accommodation in Reston, VA during the Bootcamp
  • All books and training materials needed for the Bootcamp
  • Professional certification (may include: Microsoft, Oracle, etc.)
  • Dedicated industry mentors to ensure your success during the Bootcamp and first two years of employment
  • ePortfolio to showcase your projects, accomplishments, and certificates

Upon your successful completion of the Bootcamp, you will be hired by Revature.

As a Revature Software Development Professional, you will work on innovative, challenging, and rewarding software development projects for leading technology companies.

Our Mission

To be the most accessible and inclusive talent development organization in the tech industry, empowering people to pursue their passions and enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs and industry leaders

Our Vision

To create the world’s most diverse and dynamic community of highly skilled and creative technology pioneers to enable profound economic and social progress.

Our Value

We are a group of people with wide-ranging passions and aspirations united by common values:

Our Community: inclusive, diverse, respectful, caring and fun

Our People: curious, creative, original, inspiring and ambitious

Revature Spotlight

is a first-of-its kind online enterprise program
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what students are saying about us

RaVaughn Green

I learned a lot of technologies that are more relevant, more current in the workforce, and different things that I probably wouldn’t have learned beforehand in school or learned on my own. If I hadn’t done this program, I probably would be still searching for some type of development job.

Dr. Frank Emmert

One thing that I would tell any new people coming here: Part of this is getting to learn how to interview… Meeting new people is always challenging and difficult, and Revature provides a place to talk to very technically proficient people, accomplished people in this field.

Joshua Greer

[The training is] almost like being in finals week — every week! After you become acclimated, and make the decision to rise to the challenge, it will be really rewarding.

Melissa Trinh

Once you get past the fact that everything is fast paced and you really get to know the trainers, you find out that their teaching methods are really good and it becomes fun.

Kevin Jones

School was good because it taught me a lot of theory. It taught me how to study; gave me a lot of work discipline. But because school is, the curriculum is so set in stone, that a lot of the newer technologies aren’t taught there, and that’s where I feel like the training shines in that they teach you all the latest technologies.

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