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Tech talent

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What is Revature?

Revature is the world's leading talent enablement firm and employer of tech professionals.

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Revature connects aspiring software engineers with the opportunities they've been looking for. Our talent is different, and our performance metrics are a notch above the rest.

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Use Revature to hire talent. Tap into proven results and high performing tech talent.

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Use Revature to get hired. Accelerate your career with the exact skills companies are looking for.

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We built a better way for tech talent to find their next opportunity.

This UX designer and team leader says, “Revature set me on the right track to achieving my goals."

Four years ago this Revature associate went from job seeker to software engineer with a major health insurer. He just got a promotion and he credits Revature with his success.

He graduated with a Computer Science degree but couldn't land a job. Revature helped him go from job seeker to software engineer for a major insurance company.

Meet the man who went on a life-changing journey to a career in tech. He's currently a software engineer with a national retail chain.

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Facts speak for themselves

96% get hired after completing training.

Facts speak for themselves

89% convert to permanent employees after Revature.

Facts speak for themselves

95% retention after two years.

Facts speak for themselves

90% of Revature alumni say we had a positive impact on their careers.

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