June 28th, 2022 Revature

Your Top Revature Questions Answered

This post was authored by Chris Bermudez

Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to help an individual start their career. Over my 5 years here at Revature, I’ve had the opportunity to support more than 1,000 entry level tech professionals as they get started. In that process, I’ve become well versed in the Revature FAQs. If you’re interested in what we do and if it might be a fit for you, keep reading.

What does Revature do?

To understand Revature, it is important to know that there is a shortage of computer programmers across the country. Each year, thousands of high-quality software engineer positions go unfilled because organizations are unable to find enough long-term talent. That is why this is such an in-demand career field.

Major organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, partner with us to solve for this shortage. We hire, train and place 10-50 of our programmers at a time, directly connecting entry-level tech talent with jobs. We are providing Software Engineering support to help our clients complete their long-term projects on time. Our programmers will go to the offices of our clients and work side-by-side with their teams to reach their goals. This is some of the best experience available to a new computer programmer.

The exciting part is that our focus is on starting as many new tech careers as possible. When our clients are requesting additional help, we turn around and hire career starters and career changers who are looking to jump start their tech career. Our meter to success each year is how many careers we launched.

How does the application process work?

When a new applicant applies, we check to make sure they meet our minimum requirements:

  • Completed college degree (2-year or 4-year)
  • Open to nationwide relocation to work on client projects
  • Authorized to work in the United States without the need for sponsorship

Next, we send them the Revature Evaluation. We have applicants that have a great coding foundation, others who are brand new to coding, and everything in-between. The evaluation helps map the best pathway for that applicant to receive an employment offer. Those that have the coding foundation we require for immediate hire will move to interviews with members of the Recruitment team. Others will be invited to use our free resources to become technically qualified for employment.

Yes, that is correct. We help eligible applicants to learn the coding foundation we require for employment. Hundreds of new employees each year used our free courses with optional live sessions with our training staff to qualify for the entry level Software Engineer position. How many tech companies do you know that say ‘you are not technically qualified today, but we will get you there?’

Individuals that successfully use our free resources will later be invited to interview for the position.

How does the full-time position work?

A major advantage that we share with our new employees is being trained on exactly the mix of programming languages our clients need today. New employees will train from home (remote) for 8-10 weeks. This is full-time, employer-paid training, 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. You will be online with our training staff and other new employees. We use this time to make sure new employees are fully prepared before they begin working on client projects.

After you complete remote training, you will begin meeting with our clients and will likely be selected for your first professional coding project. 97% of our associates secure client placement after successfully completing training. Revature will help you relocate, and support you throughout your journey as you work your way towards the bigger goal of obtaining two years of professional experience so you can go above and beyond entry level positions. Being open to relocation allows you to have the highest success rate possible for your career.

What’s more exciting than being paid to learn and later obtaining professional experience with those same skills? Most of our employees – 88% to be exact — end up impressing our clients so much that they convert to permanent positions with them.

The Win-Win-Win environment

We have been helping launch new tech careers for over 15 years. Our clients need Software Engineering talent, new employees need skills and professional experience, and we want to continue to be the largest employer of entry level tech talent. If you are hungry to learn, understand the importance of professionalism and serious about starting your tech career, we want to see your application.