August 15th, 2019 Revature

Why Revature? A Live Webinar From an Associate’s Perspective

“What is Revature and what’s it really like there?” are commonly asked questions – and for good reason. It makes sense to do your due diligence and search for information on your potential employer before you start. To provide you with answers from people who were once sitting in your shoes, we’re hosting a live question and answer webinar on August 28.

During the webinar, you’ll hear directly from Giovanni, a Revature associate who just completed training and will start the interview process soon.

If you can’t attend or don’t want to wait, here’s a glimpse of who we are and what our associates have said about us in the past:

1. What is Revature?

Revature is the largest employer of entry-level technology talent in the United States. We recruit, train, and deploy top-tier technology talent to work at Fortune 500 organizations, systems integrators, and government organizations across the U.S.

Revature isn’t exactly a boot camp – we don’t ask you for any money, and you aren’t left on your own to find a job after training. We aren’t exactly a job placement agency – we pay you to train on the latest technologies, although we do enhance your soft skills and presentation abilities. And we aren’t a certification program – although we do encourage and pay for your certifications once completed.

Revature serves people who either need help getting their foot in the door for an interview, or need more refined coding skills – even those without a tech background. Whether it’s an entry-level position as a software developer, software engineer, systems analyst, or programmer, our intensive, hands-on program has launched – and continues to launch – thousands of careers.

2. What’s it really?

What’s it really like working closely with the development team and be able to ask our associate for yourself, here are some testimonials and quotes from Revature associates:

Reese Williams:

Reese attended Davidson College, where he majored in political science. After graduation, he moved to DC and worked for a digital marketing agency that specialized in political campaigns. After taking an interest in the development team’s ability to create innovative offerings, Reese decided to pursue a different career path and reached out to Revature to help with his transition.

Since Reese didn’t have a background in technology, he took advantage of RevaturePro, a free, online resource that provides a solid foundation for coding.

“Revature was unique in the fact that not only did they train you, but they also compensated you and helped you find employment, which a lot of coding boot camps kind of take you in and spit you out with no direction after the fact,” Williams said.

To learn more about Reese and his post-Revature employment, listen to his story here.

Obosa Nosa-Igiebor:

Obosa majored in computer science at Morgan State University. Wanting to advance the knowledge she gained in college, she reached out to Revature, where “They not only teach you how to code, they teach you soft skills as well. When you go to the client-side, how to be professional. You’re coming into work where you’re learning something new, whether it’s Angular or Java.”

Like many recent college graduates seeking a software engineering role, Obosa was frustrated that companies typically require experience and an elevated skill set for an entry-level position. After looking into Revature and going through the program, Obosa gained the technical and soft skills necessary to launch her career.

“If I didn’t come to Revature, I feel like I’d still be stuck at home looking for a job or having to change my career path to find something that fits the skills I had. Not only did I become a better person, I know how to pick up skills faster now,” Obosa said.

Learn more about Obosa and her Revature experience.Obosa and Reese’s journeys to a career in technology, although different, mirror what we see and help guide daily. If you want to hear directly from a Revature employee who is going through the process to become a software engineer and begin their career, please join us for our Why Revature webinar.