November 3rd, 2022 Revature

Up for the Challenge

Mohammed Hammad has always relished a challenge. As a kid, he used to enjoy climbing mountains, and he would always pick the steepest and rockiest.

Later, he posed himself another tough assignment: studying automotive engineering to master’s level. At the time, he intended to pursue a career in that field, but the COVID-19 pandemic made him reassess his goals. Coding seemed to offer both better job security and better flexibility for remote work. The trick was to find a way of breaking into software engineering without any experience in the field.

Opportunities like that are hard to come by. But as luck would have it, while browsing through job boards Mohammed found an ad for Revature. Still looking for mountains to climb, he signed up to be trained in “the most demanding of skills and technologies”—in his case, the Java programming language, the Microservices app architecture, and the React code library.

At first, the challenge of learning these technologies in just three months seemed almost overwhelming. But he got through thanks to his own determination, camaraderie with his colleagues, and support from a Revature trainer he describes as the best tutor he ever had. “I learned so much during the three months of training that I don’t think I would have learned even in six months outside Revature,” he says.

Following that intense but rewarding experience, Mohammed was placed on a project with a leading IT services company that eventually hired him full time as a software engineer.

In light of the success he has found in his chosen field, Mohammed recommends the Revature experience. “Don’t get anxious when you first join training,” he advises, because “there are people who will take care of you.”

Mohammed’s personal philosophy, it turns out, dovetails well with Revature’s own driving spirit. “The more challenging a task is, the more it teaches you,” he writes. “And there is nothing as exciting and rewarding as learning something new.”