January 14th, 2020 Revature

Top 5 Tech Trends We’re Watching In 2020

1. Robots taking over the world.

From Fortran and COBOL to Java, Kotlin, and Swift, we have been at the frontlines watching our technology evolve. Now, 2020 is here, and we can’t wait to see what’s next – below are tech trends we’re looking forward to seeing.

Not exactly, but Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are taking over the tech world! From AWS (Amazon Web Services) creating virtual 3D classroom environments (Sumerian) to MIT engineers inventing robots that mimic human behavior and the world is becoming virtual, and we’re joining them. At Revature, we’re training team members on AI technology and Machine Learning that will place them at the forefront of the robotic revolution.

2. The rise of Golang language

Golang is the future – it’s convenient, fast, and secure to write code, all while providing cross-platform support. Now, Golang is taking on C++ in embedded systems and more low-level programming. By using microservices on Golang, like Kubernetes, developers and DevOps engineers can add valuable skills to their resume.


3. Javascript’s new features

This year, Javascript is making coding easier by adding new features, including GlobalThis. GlobalThis is guaranteed to work in the window and non-window properties, making it easier to access the code in a consistent way while not having to know which environment the code is running in.

4. Multicloud evolution continuing

Multicloud is more than one cloud deployment at the same time sourced by different vendors. The Multicloud could involve two public cloud environments or two private cloud environments. However, In 2019 Multicloud became a real architectural consideration. similarly, in 2020, we hope to see it come to life. While the technology to jump between cloud providers isn’t fully complete, Kubernetes and other platforms are slowly making it seem more and more possible.

5. The technology you create

We love seeing what our team members create using the latest and most in-demand technologies and can’t wait to see what you will do too. Join our team where you’ll not only gain real-world experience but also will receive immersive employer-paid training that will set you up to create successful solutions that lead the future of 2020.