June 28th, 2019 Revature

The Perfect Response to “You Should Travel More.”

As a post-grad, you often hear it’s better to travel when you’re young or fresh out of school. However, the burden of student loans and other heavy expenses can make this nearly impossible. What’s an affordable solution to “you should travel more”? Relocating for a career.

The rewards of relocating for a career.

Not only does relocating advance your career, but it also reinforces your future traveling goals while having a steady income. It can be extremely beneficial, especially when you’re just starting out.

A change of scenery is motivating. Moving to a city known for innovation and creativity can inspire you to develop groundbreaking work. Play tourist and explore new surroundings where fresh ideas come to life.

It’s a resume booster. Working in different locations shows your flexibility. Companies like to see that you can quickly adapt to a new environment. An added bonus to experiencing a variety of places is that you will gain unique insight from diverse communities and perspectives.

Your social circle expands. Traveling for work gives you the chance to network with people from around the country. Making connections early on will only benefit you in the future. You will discover an adventurous new side to yourself that’s ready to build bridges and develop innovative solutions.

Unsure of where you want to go?

Below are just some of the Revature training locations – where you learn how to code before getting sent to work for different clients across the country. These cool cities offer oddly-fun experiences that will strengthen your extroverted side.

Washington DC (Reston VA)

Twenty minutes from Reston VA is Washington DC, full of historical overlooks, museums, and various festivals – there’s always something to do. A fun time for all is the Smithsonian Folklife Festival that welcomes everyone to taste amazing food, visit with creative vendors, and watch acrobatic shows.

Tampa, Florida

The perfect balance of the city and beach, Tampa offers unique options that keep you on your toes. This includes an annual Pirate Festival, otherwise known as the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. It’s where locals dress as pirates, listen to live music, and enjoy more than 100 food, drink, and souvenir vendors.

New York, New York

Being the city that never sleeps, New York offers an unparalleled nightlife, unique events, and delicious late-night pizza. An unusually fun day in NYC is International Pillow Fight Day. Where hundreds of New Yorkers flock to Manhattan’s Washington Square and hold a massive pillow fight.

Dallas, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. It’s true – the lone star state is home to nearly 26.5 million people. As well as one of the largest international film festivals – bringing well over 2000 filmmakers and film screenings, they have been representing more than 50 countries since its inception.

Morgantown, West Virginia

In wild and wonderful West Virginia, you will discover hidden hiking trails, food, and a unique festival entitled the Webster Wood Chopping Festival. Cheer alongside fellow West Virginians as lumberjacks and jills ax throw and more.

Explore a variety of thriving cities through a career with Revature. As a Software Engineer, the opportunities are endless. To learn more, visit https://revature.com/get-hired/.