August 7th, 2019 Revature

Tech job listings have slowed – here’s what you need to know

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you may have noticed increased skepticism regarding employment opportunities. Despite an overall healthy prognosis, economists are keeping an eye on the sagging tech sector, wondering if it’s serving as the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

As Axios writes, “While U.S. companies continue to vigorously seek new workers, growth in openings for some hard-core digitalized jobs – projected to be among the most prominent work in the future economy – have sharply slowed, according to a new report.”

Technology is evolving, and as it evolves, some companies struggle to keep up. A recent study has shown that the growth of tech job listings in the U.S. plunged last quarter to 9% from 30% in the first quarter (Cognizant.) What caused this plunge? Global economic anxiety, including but not limited to, trade wars and conflicting outlooks on the overall strength of the U.S. economy.

The main factor is that companies are looking for experienced developers for entry-level software developers, software engineers, and full-stack developer positions – making the hiring process restrictive and difficult. For many entry-level candidates, it’s nearly impossible to have the technologies, experience, and portfolio needed for an entry-level position. “A lot of companies have been on a hiring tear, but now they are seasonally constrained where they get their talent from,” said Robert Brown, VP of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work.

When only picking from a niche group of candidates, companies miss out on diverse skill sets that apply to new-aged technology. With Revature, we don’t feel the effects of the above study because we keep our pool of applicants vast, varied, and up-to-date on the latest tech. We believe that the greatest talent comes from unique perspectives and the drive to innovate. That’s why we always have a variety of software engineering opportunities available combined with immersive, employer-paid training.

How we help our clients: 

We make the pool of applicants more diverse, driven, and enterprise-ready. They are trained based on what your specific technology needs are. We make the hiring process more manageable for our clients by aligning them with the right Revature associate. By getting training out of the way, our clients get to see firsthand how our associates work in their organization.

What makes Revature employees different: 

Revature offers our team a solid foundation for a fulfilling career path. Not only do we advance our associate’s technology skillset through program-based projects, but we also develop their presentation and interpersonal skills. When our associates are enterprise-ready, we send them to work with one of our clients across the country.

The technology we train on:

After determining our associates’ growth areas, we assign program-based projects to develop their skill set. Below are some of the technologies we train on through instructor-led courses.

  • Java EE
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • PEGA
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce
  • MuleSoft

Where we deploy our talent:

Once our associates are ready, we send them to wherever your technology needs are in the country. Below, you can see where Revatures’ associates are advancing technologies and career paths.

Our training locations for associates:

Last year, we trained 1300 associates to be industry-leading engineers. Each of our training locations below prepared them for success.

  • Reston, VA (Washington DC metro),
  • Dallas, TX,
  • Tampa, FL,
  • Morgantown, WV
  • New York, NY

For more information on who we are, visit Don’t fall into the statistic – keep up-to-date with technology and have Revature help with your innovative solutions.