October 16th, 2019 Revature

Switching Careers Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Driving in the same traffic pattern, walking through the same door, entering the same elevator, and working on the same projects can be uninspiring. While you may enjoy what you’re doing now, it feels like you need something more challenging. where you can make an impact on the world. However, switching careers can be daunting and research has shown that our brains actually perceive it as a threat to our survival. So, is it really as scary as it seems?

No. “Studies have shown that if you switch jobs every 2-3 years, you could be making nearly 50% more at the end of your career than someone who stays with one company. This is a massive difference and could mean hundreds of thousands of missed income.“ (FinancialToolBoat.com)

But how do you know it’s right for you?

Desmond Darko is a great example of how it’s important to make a career switch when it compliments something you’re already passionate about. Although the unknown is scary, Desmond took the brave step of switching careers. In college, he majored in English with a minor in Economics, but he really dreamed of becoming an animator.

When he made the switch to a tech career with Revature, it was unexpected but exciting.

“Back in high school, when I took a Java class, I remember being intrigued by how much you can do with developing, especially with animation. So that really helped me decide to move forward.”

Desmond is now in a fulfilling tech career that supports other outlets in his life. Advancing career goals takes a few risks, but the end results usually are worth it.

Learned a foreign language? You may have the upper hand in a tech career. 

Because you’re familiar with the process that goes into learning a new language, you could also learn how to code. Just as with learning a foreign language, practice makes perfect. Take it one step at a time – learn the terminology and begin immersing yourself in the culture. There are multiple languages within the coding, but once you comprehend the basics, the rest comes easier.

Whether you’re learning a foreign language or how to code, experiential learning is the best way to strengthen these skills. That’s why Revature offers program-based projects where you provide real solutions to questions that will need answers in your future tech career.

Having a foreign language in your back pocket and being able to use it in unexpected situations is a great feeling. It’s the same with coding. You could be surprised by what you use coding for, be it as part of your career, with a hobby, or another creative outlet of yours.


The best way to switch careers? 

With Revature. Don’t be afraid – upgrade your skillset through our training program and embrace change. Explore careers with Revature and discover your passion for tech.