April 10th, 2018 Revature

Revature Spotlight: Born to Educate – Yuvi

It is a rare opportunity to find a career that gives you the fulfillment and satisfaction that makes coming to work every day enjoyable. With 18 years of experience, Yuvi, Senior Technical Project Manager, is one of the rare individuals that has found such a career.

Since 2015, Yuvi has been coaching recent college graduates in the latest technologies, and preparing them for long and successful careers.

Born and raised in India, Yuvi attended college at CIT, majoring in Electrical and Electronics. In college he lived in the same dorm as Revature’s CIO, Ashwin Bharath.

After graduation, Yuvi joined Planetasia.com (Microland group), based in Bangalore in 2000. For the first few years he worked with a variety of technologies, including networking, .NET, Java, and content management applications. This provided him with the experiences he now draws on during training.

“I’m the best example because I went through it all when I was first beginning my technology career. I’m better able to relate to the individuals I am training who are just starting their careers.”

Yuvi took the next step in his career when he took a new position at ITC Infotech and traveled to other countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, and finally the United States.

“From the beginning of my career I have always trained someone part time, whether it was one person, five people, 15 people, etc. I’ve always enjoyed working as a trainer or teacher. Both of my parents are teachers so I grew up in a teaching environment where teaching best practices were modeled. Almost every evening 40 people came to our house to study. My parents would teach various subjects and various levels. It wasn’t until I began training others that I realized I had such a big interest in teaching. It’s what brought out the best in me.”

Joining Revature

It’s a tradition during the Christmas holidays for Yuvi and his college friends to get together. At the gathering one year, Ashwin asked if he would come in and do some trainings for a week at his company. Yuvi agreed and spent the week at Revature conducting trainings. A few months later Ashwin asked Yuvi to come on board full-time as a trainer and he has never looked back.

Finding Success

When it comes to being successful at Revature Yuvi offers the following advice:

“You must have a willingness to learn. You cannot force anyone to learn. You must also be willing to adapt. If you encounter a problem and you’re not willing to put the effort forward to solve it, and only complain about it, it’s going to be very difficult to learn, succeed, and achieve great things.”

“It’s how you train that’s important. My approach is very simple. Training in general is an art. It’s the way you articulate things in terms that anyone can understand so they can continue to learn more complicated topics.”

“To help ensure the success of those we train, it’s important to set expectations on the first day. The training is fast paced so it’s important to stay focused. If you don’t stay focused either I’m going to lose you or you’re going to lose me. Additionally, I allow myself some buffer time to explain, since not everyone grasps things the first time.”

Lasting Relationships

Once Revature software engineers complete their training and move to various client projects, the relationships Yuvi builds don’t end.

“I keep in touch with the engineers I train. For each new group I try to have one to two engineers from previous batches come in and speak. It’s impactful for those currently in training to hear from others who have gone through it.”

“For me, having the opportunity to train and to see the success in their eyes, that gives me the greatest satisfaction.”