August 8th, 2022 Revature

Revature & ServiceNow: Building a Future-proof Talent Pipeline

By Gretchen Jacobi, SVP and Head of Mid-market

We’ve all heard about the current technology talent shortage and the challenge it presents to companies who need to digitally transform and innovate now. But what about a year from now? Five years from now?

Companies’ digital transformation needs aren’t going away, and the demand for tech talent will continue to increase. That means we need to start getting ahead of the tech shortage today if we’re to meet current and future needs.

That’s what Revature’s new partnership with ServiceNow is all about.

Together, we’re meeting customers’ current demands for digital workflow technologies that improve productivity and creativity and spur innovation by providing them with skilled ServiceNow experts. We’re also working together to build a continuous talent pipeline that is ready and able to bring future ServiceNow product innovations to companies of all sizes, including members of the Fortune 500, so those organizations can be ready for their next phases of digital transformation.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’re doing and why it’s so important.

Creating ServiceNow skills, now

First, a little history. A few years ago, we began hearing a recurring refrain from many of the enterprises we work with:

“We need employees who understand how to work with the ServiceNow platform. Where can we find those employees, and how do we hire them?”

The demand for ServiceNow-skilled technicians wasn’t surprising. After all, ServiceNow is widely recognized as a “fantastic environment for modern work.” The challenge, however, was finding people who understood how to get the most out of the ServiceNow Now Platform, the company’s cloud-based workflow automation platform.

The challenge has been exacerbated by the state of the technology market. As a 2021 CompTIA report found, the demand for emerging tech talent has surged 190 percent over the past five years. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough talent to meet the demand—let alone talent dedicated to a specific platform.

So, we began speaking with ServiceNow about a possible solution.

What if, we proposed, Revature worked with ServiceNow to create a curriculum to train associates on the ServiceNow platform? And what if we built that curriculum around Revature’s “hire, train, and deploy” program, which trains associates on specific and practical applications and places them in companies that value those skills?

The answer was clear. By doing this—together—we could address the current technology talent gap and meet companies’ needs for ServiceNow experts.

Preparing talent with real-world scenarios

From those initial conversations, Revature became ServiceNow’s first Authorized Talent Placement Partner in the United States. This partnership is designed to train and certify a wide and diverse pool of associates on the ServiceNow Now Platform and place those associates in organizations that need their unique set of skills. The training content includes a pathway toward ServiceNow certification and leverages the wealth of resources ServiceNow has in place to educate users on every aspect of the ServiceNow Now Platform.

Our training isn’t just limited to Q&As and lectures. Revature layers practical skillsets on top of the theoretical knowledge associates gain in college, effectively bridging academia and employment. Associates in our ServiceNow training program are put into real-world scenarios where they must work together to solve problems and create programs. They get first-hand knowledge of how to create and test code, submit pull requests, and more. They receive a project-based learning system that emphasizes developer fundamentals and practical, hands-on experience.

Once associates complete the course they’re matched with prospective employers. Those companies welcome talented technologists who understand how to make the most of the ServiceNow Now Platform from day one. There’s no additional training required by the company and associates are placed into roles where their skills are highly valued. Meanwhile, ServiceNow provides its customers with a better experience on its platform. Everyone wins.

Creating ServiceNow skills, tomorrow

That’s today. What about the future?

When we began working with ServiceNow, we understood the importance of being able to provide companies with the skillsets required for continuous innovation through the ServiceNow Now Platform. That’s why we’re not just working with ServiceNow to train associates on current technologies. We are also working with them to create training programs around future products.

Essentially, Revature and ServiceNow are developing a training curriculum that’s in alignment with ServiceNow’s product roadmap. We will train associates on future technologies before they are released. That way, when a product is released, customers will already have a pool of talent that understands that solution inside and out. They can begin leveraging that solution immediately, with no additional learning curve required.

A big step forward

Revature’s partnership with ServiceNow is an exciting and important step forward for both companies. Not only are we helping one of the world’s foremost providers of digital workflow management software support their large and rapidly growing customer base, but we’ve also defined a new training category with the Authorized Talent Partner Placement Program. The program will help ServiceNow to add a significant amount of talent to the ecosystem—now and in the years to come.