October 3rd, 2022 Revature

Revature & Salesforce: Leveling Up the Talent Pipeline

By Kevin Burch, VP Salesforce Business Development, Channel Partnership

We often speak about the need for tech talent in broad terms, noting, for instance, that demand has surged over 200% since 2016. But perhaps no platform is in higher demand than Salesforce. By 2024, Salesforce projects are expected to create 4.2 million jobs and $1.2 trillion in new business.

This isn’t news to Revature. We’ve been training and certifying developers for the core Salesforce platform since 2020. But now, we’re leveling up our Salesforce talent pipeline with a new certification—and two more to come.

Revature is thrilled to be Salesforce’s first authorized training partner for its B2B Commerce Cloud. Let’s take a look at what that means and why it’s so important.

Supporting the Commerce Cloud

By 2024, over half of commerce is expected to be digitally driven. Salesforce Commerce Cloud supports that growth. Already, it’s the world’s leading B2C and B2B commerce solution. The Commerce Cloud platform helps brands create unified buying experiences across channels. Major names like Adidas, Burton, Puma, and Lacoste rely on it.

Commerce Cloud is such a popular platform because it frees businesses from having to manage their own ecommerce solution. In the coming years, Commerce Cloud is slated for double-digit growth. As the platform expands, so will demand for developers to support it.

Revature was already planning to expand our Salesforce training program this year. We noticed the needs of our customers—particularly banks, systems integrators, and consulting firms—had grown beyond core developers.

Salesforce was on the same page. They chose us as their official training partner in part because we already have such a solid foundation and roadmap for training Salesforce talent. We are now the first and only Salesforce partner dedicated to building B2B Commerce talent capacity.

Why Revature?

Already, we’ve hired, trained, and deployed countless Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators, and Salesforce Consultants through a rigorous 11-week training program. Many have been hired by consulting firms and integrators building out Salesforce platforms for their customers. Our new B2B Commerce Cloud certification is simply the cherry on top.

For the B2B certification, we’ve added another three weeks of training and tests. In addition to receiving the Salesforce Platform App Builder and Developer I certifications, trainees also receive B2B Commerce Administrator and B2B Commerce Developer accreditations. That’s four credentials in total.

As always, Revature trainees also come out of the program with the soft skills they need to be successful. From agile delivery to a commitment to teamwork, they have everything needed to hit the ground running. That benefits the trainees, but it also benefits the companies they eventually work for, who know the talent they’re getting is ready to go from day one. That’s why 85% of the talent we train turn into full-time hires, with nearly 90% still with the company after four years.

Salesforce was also attracted to Revature because of our commitment to diversity. From the beginning, we’ve emphasized bringing women and minorities into tech roles. Over 65% of the engineers we train come from diverse backgrounds.

Revature hires 3.5 times the average number of African American software engineers and 3 times the average number of Hispanic engineers. Bringing this diversity to the Commerce Cloud platform will be crucial to its continued growth, as Salesforce will be able to benefit from unique perspectives and ideas brought forward by people with different backgrounds.

What’s Next

While this partnership with Salesforce is exciting in and of itself, it’s also a preview of what’s to come. We plan to continue to ramp up our commitment to the Salesforce talent pipeline.

We’ve already trained several hires with the new B2B Commerce Cloud curriculum. Going forward, we also plan to offer B2C and Order Management certifications. Firms will be able to hire talent with a wide range of Salesforce expertise. Upon hire, our trainees relocate and are billable immediately.

Demand continues to grow for Salesforce talent and Revature is ready. Whether it’s support for the core Salesforce platform or Commerce Cloud, we’re committed to finding, training, and placing diverse talent from our network of 700+ universities and colleges. And we have the track record to prove it.

We couldn’t be more excited to further grow our partnership with Salesforce and, in the process, create the next generation of Commerce Cloud talent.

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