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Revature Reviews: Associate Testimonials

If you’re considering starting a career technology, you’re probably exploring a number of paths to get there. Revature is one path to developing your tech skills and getting your foot in the door with your first tech job.

Our mission is to equalize opportunity for anyone looking to break into the technology sector, regardless of background or experience level. If you have a bachelor’s or associate degree — in any field — you’re an ideal candidate for our programs, where we’ll pay you to train for the career you want. Then, we’ll pair you with one of our client partners.

Over 10,000 software engineers have completed our program. We’ve assembled a number of Revature reviews and stories so that you can make an informed, confident decision about the next step in your career journey.

A Review of Revature Stories

Here at Revature, we have gathered stories from many associates who have found a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their time working with us. Check out some of their experiences below, and find more stories here.

Sonia Morris, Product Owner, LPL Financial

“These days, I work for a leading company in the finance industry, supporting a software platform that helps financial advisors better serve their clients. I enjoy leading a team and being part of developing a useful product. It’s a management-track role, and that’s exactly where I want to be.

Revature has been key to getting me there, because the program didn’t just teach me technical know-how. It developed my leadership and interpersonal skills, gave me confidence, and set me up with industry experience right out of the gate. That’s why I’m proud to call myself a Revature alum.”

Read the full story of Sonia’s career transformation here.

Jeff Myers II

“Revature’s training program was the most mentally rigorous work I had ever done up to that point, but it was that hunger for learning and a fierce determination that got me through. I soon realized that, while my bachelor’s degree had given me a solid grounding in code, it hadn’t taught me what it was like to develop software in real life. The Revature program and the subsequent placements (mine happened to be with two well-known consulting companies working for some of the largest banks in the country) bridged that gap.

I learned how to take an idea from scratch, build the front end, build the back end, and deploy the software out into the world. Finally, I had that industry experience that employers were looking for.”

Read the rest of Jeff’s story of persistence here.

A Review of Revature Successes

Now that you’ve explored some of the stories from our proud associates, let’s dive deeper into testimonials from people just like you. Below, you’ll find Revature reviews from individuals who have discovered personal and professional transformation in our unique program.

AnnMarie Bemberry

Title: Technical Analyst

Background: Bachelor’s, English

“Revature was literally a launchpad. It gave me what I needed to get a foot in the door — to go from graduating with an English degree to Revature and then to land in a career where, at the same time I’m building my technical skills, my team lead is really keen on using my soft skills, my organizational skills, my analytical skills.”

Read AnnMarie’s full Revature review here.

Felix Abreu

Title: Software Engineer

Background: Bachelor’s, Computer Science

“I was definitely looking forward to joining Revature. I knew that they were going to teach me a lot, and I was excited to learn. But wow, I did not expect to learn as much as I did and gain the level of confidence I have now. Thanks to Revature, I have never felt more confident. As far as what I expected from Revature, obviously I got that and more. I feel great. I feel like I’m capable of taking over the world.”

Read Felix’s full Revature review here.

Jonathon Tech

Title: Java Developer

Background: Bachelor’s, Music Performance; U.S. Army Veteran

“A door has been opened. It’s an opportunity that otherwise would have been hard to get into, but now a company like Revature has invested in you. Take advantage of the opportunity and don’t let entitlement get in the way. Advance yourself, focus on the technology, and focus on improving yourself as a person.”

Read Jonathon’s full Revature review here.

Is Revature Legit?

Revature is the largest employer of entry-level tech talent in the United States, with more than 10,000 software engineers deployed to work for leading organizations such as Salesforce, Peloton, and Bank of America, to name just a few of our partners.

At Revature, our reviews prove that we’re a company genuinely dedicated to creating opportunity for workers and fueling innovation for our partners. However, Revature isn’t necessarily for everyone. Following a period of 10-14 weeks during which we pay our associates to train, they go to work on-site for our corporate partners as part of a two-year agreement. That means relocating to U.S. cities such as Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Chicago, and Raleigh — to name just a handful of common landing spots.

But for those who are up for career adventure and willing to commit their time and effort, Revature provides opportunities for huge payoffs. Here are some of the leading reasons that aspiring tech workers choose Revature:

  • You get paid to train and then land a career opportunity that sets you up for long-term success.
  • 89% of our associates are still with their original placement organizations after four years.
  • Revature gives you the chance to work with leading Fortune 500 companies.
  • We leverage market insights to place you in a job in a high-demand sector.

Take Your Place in Tech

One of the fundamental principles of code is that every input receives an output. The same goes for a career in tech: You get out what you put in. We’ve built Revature in that image — to guarantee a reward for your dedication.

You get paid training. You get to launch a career with one of today’s top organizations. You get the professional foundation for a prosperous, enduring career in tech.All we need to make it happen is your motivation. Input your effort here to get an output of the career you deserve there.

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