August 12th, 2022 Revature

Revature & OutSystems: Expanding Low-code to Close the Tech Talent Gap

By Anurag Gupta, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Partnerships

We used to say that data is the lifeblood of companies. Today, that mantle can also apply to software developers. Companies need highly skilled developers to deliver quality, game-changing applications faster. But the software development talent pool is more competitive than ever before, and resources are limited. This is particularly true in the United States, where software developers are becoming increasingly choosy about where they want to work.

The good news is the dearth of application development talent is a potential boon to low-code development tools, such as the kind offered by our partner OutSystems. Low-code development tools make it possible for even non-software developers to build modern applications. Through a visual template and simple drag-and-drop approach, inexperienced users can create unique and powerful applications, while seasoned developers can save significant time on mundane development tasks and focus on expressing their creative and innovative sides.

Hire, train, and deploy

That’s why Portugal-based OutSystems chose Revature as its first North American Education Partner. OutSystems needed to expand its talent base so that companies could take advantage of the low-code revolution. Given the current developer shortage, the best way to do that was through Revature’s “hire, train, and deploy” technology talent workforce model.

The model employs a practical curriculum that trains students on becoming experts in a company’s technologies. Companies that partner with Revature and use this model can build a talent pipeline filled with individuals with practical expertise in specific solutions. Those individuals are then placed in companies that immediately benefit from their experience without having to retrain them.

Creating technology talent

For OutSystems, this means increasing their talent base all around the world but particularly in the United States. OutSystems is one of the fastest-growing firms in the hot low-code market segment, with an especially strong presence in Europe and South America. The company wants to expand its footprint in the United States, but the U.S. is one of the largest consumers of technology talent—part of the reason behind the historic shortage of developers we’re experiencing. Success in the U.S. requires creating talent and feeding the technology ecosystem.

That’s precisely what we are doing with OutSystems. We will provide the company with access to talented new graduates from our network of 700+ universities and colleges. OutSystems will provide the curriculum, training content, and related infrastructure required to train students on the company’s offerings. Meanwhile, Revature will manage training and placement, ensuring students’ spots in companies around the United States. Those companies will have low-code development talent ready to go on day one, and OutSystems will have a workforce of OutSystems experts in organizations around the country.

Building a global software developer workforce

Of course, the developer talent shortage is a global problem. That’s why we are also working with OutSystems to bolster their talent pipeline in Canada, India, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

We will approach the challenge in these countries with the same mentality with which we tackle the United States. We will ask:

  • How can we build the most talented, diverse, and skilled workforce possible?
  • How can we train students from all backgrounds to become OutSystems experts, including those who may otherwise not have those opportunities?
  • How can we grow the software development workforce in a way that benefits OutSystems, its customers and partners, and students?

OutSystems is already one of the most popular low-code development platforms in the world. Revature’s job is to help OutSystems meet the demand for its platform by building up its global workforce while also closing the talent gap that exists today.

We’re excited about tackling these challenges and creating a deep and continuous talent pipeline for OutSystems and the organizations it serves. And we’re thrilled to partner with an incredible company that shares our commitment and vision to a world in which everyone gets a chance to become an exceptional software developer.