January 4th, 2018 Revature

Revature Doubles Number of Software Engineers Trained and Hired for Third Straight Year

Emerging Talent Company continues triple digit growth

RESTON, VA, JANUARY 4, 2018 – Revature, a leading technology talent development company, today announced continued growth across every aspect of its emerging talent business. With record revenue growth in 2017, Revature continues its leadership position in the rapidly expanding technology talent sector. This past year they tripled their client base of Fortune 500 partners with which they place their pipeline of newly skilled software engineers. This talent pool has more than doubled in size for the last three years, and the company is poised to be the largest employer of emerging software developers in the U.S. within two years.

Revature’s modern day apprenticeship approach to software training is changing how companies hire coding talent. Its business is growing rapidly because it gives graduates enterprise grade skills and hands-on experience employers seek. Revature hires college graduates full time, and as they complete their apprenticeship, Revature then places them as consultants with their Fortune 500 client base.

“Three years ago, we found it increasingly difficult to find the skilled entry-level talent our clients needed,” said Srikanth Ramachandran, founder and CEO of Revature. “Rather than continuing an uphill battle to compete for talent, we decided to shift models and grow our own talent. After experiencing first-hand the quality of our software engineering consultants, our clients just keep coming back for more.”

In 2017, Revature focused heavily on scaling its marketing, recruiting, and training organizations to support up to five times the current rate of consultants. With close to 2,000 consultants expected to complete the program in 2018, the company is on track to continue doubling its numbers. Revature has also doubled its number of strategic university partners in 2017 and also expects to again double that number next year as they see continued growth in those relationships, where they partner with universities to bring their students and alumni through the program.

“While we and our investors are excited about our revenue growth, one metric that makes us most proud is being rated as a top emerging talent company on Glassdoor, based on our high level of employee satisfaction,” said Ramachandran. “Since our ‘employees’ include not only our Revature internal staff, but also those that have completed our program who are paid employees, this validates the need we saw for a different approach to closing the skills gap – one where graduates, talent developers, and companies all win.”

About Revature

Revature is a technology talent development company providing a turn-key talent acquisition solution for corporate and government partners and no-cost coding immersion programs for university graduates. We recruit, develop and deploy enterprise-ready technology talent, enabling our corporate partners to succeed and grow. Through in-person, online and on-campus coding immersion programs, we create a pathway for university graduates with diverse backgrounds to build the knowledge, skills and abilities to reach their potential as technology professionals. With its unique talent development strategy, Revature successfully serves a wide range of Fortune 500 enterprises, government organizations and top systems integrators. Learn more at https://revature.com