August 10th, 2022 Revature

Revature Donates $25,000 to HITEC in Ongoing Effort to Close the Opportunity Gap

By Bob Gasser, Chief Revenue Officer, Revature

Revature’s primary goal is and always has been to ensure that everyone who wants an opportunity to work in the technology industry gets that opportunity. We know the talent is out there, so there’s no reason for there to be a skills gap. The trick is finding those talented people, matching them up with the right companies, and helping them get started on the road to becoming successful software engineers.

In short, we need to do everything possible to close the opportunity gap. To do that, we need to not only provide access to the right training programs; we also need to get students into those programs and make them accessible to a wide range of people.

This effort requires partnerships—much like the one Revature has with HiTEC, the premier global organization for senior-level business and technology leaders.

Working together to close the opportunity gap

A valued Revature Alliance Partner, HITEC shares our vision for a world in which the opportunity gap is significantly diminished. Revature and HITEC both strive to help people from diverse backgrounds and experiences—particularly individuals who may not otherwise have a chance to flourish in technology—receive opportunities to show their skills and bring their unique talents to the industry.

But we don’t just talk about how we’re going to do it. We back it up, not just with hands-on training, but with financial support.

That’s why I’m extremely proud to share we were able to show our commitment to HITEC at its recent HITEC Summer Summit, where we presented a $25,000 donation that will support following five HITEC scholars:

  • Brenda Henriquez, attending George Mason University and from Falls Church, VA
  • Anjeliqe Martinez, attending Lafayette College and from Bronx, NY
  • Arleen Alcaraz-Cano, attending Barnard College and from Dallas, TX
  • Angel Albornoz, attending Florida International University and from Doral, FL
  • Bryan Rodriguez de San Miguel, attending The University of Texas at El Paso and from El Paso, TX

An ongoing commitment

Our $25,000 donation was only the latest extraordinary moment in our partnership with HITEC. Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve worked with HITEC to build the organization’s talent pipeline and help HITEC scholars jumpstart their careers, among other notable activities.

Of course, it’s also just a drop in the bucket. There remains much work to be done. This is why we’re looking forward to continuing to support HITEC in the years to come, including at the organization’s upcoming.

Because we understand that closing the opportunity gap will take more than a single company or organization. It will require all of us—individuals, businesses, and large, small, and mid-size organizations—to commit to providing pathways for people of unique and diverse backgrounds. We need to give them every chance possible to have their voices heard and put their skills to work.

If we can do that, we will all benefit. And the opportunity gap will be a distant memory.