July 24th, 2018 Revature

No experience? Jobs you want are still within reach

It’s the day after graduation. Your commencement speaker gave a rousing speech on the importance of following your dreams. What he or she did not say was how to get a good job at a good company when you don’t have relevant work experience.

Seems like every “entry-level” job description asks for two-to-three years’ experience, especially in the technology industry. Or worse, your dream employer wants you to intern or volunteer for little-to-no pay.

You start to wonder, how do I get a job without experience? How do I get experience without a job? Seems impossible?

NO it’s not, you CAN get a job without experience

Potentially good news for job-seekers is the drop in unemployment and the record number of job openings. Employers in some sectors are struggling to find qualified workers. As the labor market tightens, opportunities to get your foot in the door may be just around the corner.

This is especially true of the technology sector, where the supply of workers with specialized skills is much less than the demand. For talented graduates, the conditions are favorable, even if you don’t have a background in computer science.

Still, it’s unlikely that large companies will hire you directly without some relevant experience. Instead, one of the ways employers manage their risk is to hire specialized consulting firms to recruit, vet and manage college grads with no experience. Consider working with one of these firms to get your first, career-defining job. Finding work at your dream employer may be easier if you do.

How Revature tackles the ‘experience gap’

Just remember, not all consulting firms are created equal. At Revature, we take the ‘no-experience’ dilemma seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we’ve built a business around helping recent college grads develop the experience and skills they need not only to get a job, but to build a career.

We start by recognizing the value of your talent. We know that if you’re given a chance, you can learn the skills that employers want. And with a little experience under your belt, you’ll be a major contributor to an organization’s success.

Here’s how we help: After you graduate, Revature pays you to learn software skills that are most in-demand by our Fortune 1000 clients. After you complete the training, we place you as a consultant with one of those many clients.

Because our proprietary training program simulates a real-world environment, it prepares you to work on enterprise-level projects as part of a business team. In other words, we place you in a high-profile organization, already equipped with the equivalent of entry-level experience.

Learn more about how it works.