October 9th, 2022 Revature

Meet William. He overcame tech’s catch-22

Even with a computer science degree and a slew of internships under his belt, when it came time to find a job in the tech industry, William Foltz encountered a Catch-22. He applied to various positions labeled “entry-level,” only to find that, as he says, “everyone wants 2+ years of experience, but no one wants to hire someone without it, making it impossible to acquire the necessary experience.”

When you need experience to get experience, who are you going to call? Actually, Revature wound up calling him. The recruiter described the program in detail, including the guaranteed project placement for those who make it through the rigorous training. It seemed like a good fit.

In fact, William went through not one but two training courses. The first, more general program took place at Revature’s headquarters in Virginia. The second, which focused on a specific project, was offered by the client with which William did his placement—a firm whose mission is to modernize government IT.

Like many Revature alums, William impressed the client enough during his placement to be hired full-time. He is still there today, working on the all-important task of quality assurance using technologies like the Postman API platform, the Selenium suite of API tools, and the popular coding language C#.

William counsels would-be Revature applicants not to expect the program to be easy. “You will only get as much out of the program as you put in,” he says. But for those who, like him, are willing to put in the legwork, William describes Revature as “a true blessing.”