October 12th, 2022 Revature

Meet Mary. A music major working at a Fortune 500 IT firm

By the end of her four years at UNC Chapel Hill, Mary Merritt had earned not one but two degrees: a BS in mathematics and a BA in music. Having also (remarkably) minored in computer science, she decided to forge a career in software engineering. Luckily, she knew exactly where to start.

“Revature was one of the first jobs I applied for,” Mary says, “and once I was accepted, I was very excited to begin.” Her training centered around two popular technologies: the Java coding language and the microservices app architecture.

Despite the intensity of the training, Mary enjoyed her time at Revature—a fact for which she credits her trainer, whom she describes as “fantastic” and “always very helpful.” Another highlight: the sense of camaraderie with her fellow associates. Their close bond and culture of mutual support proved excellent preparation for the seamless teamwork that developers need to show in the workplace.

Mary was placed on a project for a Fortune 500 IT firm, which involved developing, implementing, and testing web apps in Java using the Angular development platform. Like many Revature alums, Mary was hired permanently. She is still there, enjoying a job that she says allows her “many opportunities for personal growth and development.”

All in all, she recommends Revature to anyone in her position. “With no prior experience and little software knowledge,” she says, “I didn’t know how I would ever be able to start a career as a developer. Because of Revature, I was able to receive the training I needed to get my foot in the door and start a successful career.”