October 20th, 2022 Revature

Meet Joseph. A software engineer with a background in sales

Exactly two years after Joseph A. graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering, he started his Revature training program. Between those two milestones, he worked a retail job in a furniture store to pay the bills.

Joseph’s training began in May 2020, and he describes it as “rigorous and highly informative.” With his aptitude for software engineering and commitment to success, Joseph received two certifications during his training. He used these to land a job at a large consulting firm focused on serving the federal government. Here, he “found the work rewarding and interesting.”

Joseph trained on Salesforce CRM, one of the most in-demand tech skills today. He used these skills to position himself for long term success. Joseph is now employed full time by the federal consulting group as a software engineer. When asked to share about his career after Revature, he shared, “I have been able to buy a house for myself and my fiancée, and life is great. I would be far worse off without joining Revature. They got me a foot in the door which allowed me to show what I’m capable of.”