March 18th, 2022 Revature

Inspiration Series: Leah

My first boss, right out of college was a woman I looked up to then and still do today. She gave me a shot at my first job at Deloitte and did everything she could to see me succeed and excel. What I loved about her was how much she praised me to her peers and made sure my name came up in important conversations. I often wondered what I did to deserve all she did for me. I”ll never forget a lesson she gave very early on that has helped tremendously as I”ve progressed in my career.

I remember complaining about something and she looked at me and said, “when you come to me with an issue, also bring a couple of ideas that you think can help solve the problem.” At the time, I remember feeling so empowered! The fact that I also had the power to bring solutions to the table and help solve problems was not something I had imagined on my own. This has been one of the greatest lessons of my career and for me personally.