February 18th, 2020 Revature

Meet Justice Fears

In high school, I took that fun quiz that suggested what career path I should try. I got results like a psychologist, doctor, pilot, engineer, and teacher – it was a little confusing.” Like most of us in high school, Justice Fears was conflicted about which career path to choose, but she soon figured it out. “I knew that I liked math and science, and that’s really what kicked off my passion for engineering.” After graduating from Auburn University with a bachelor’s in material engineering, Justice moved back to Houston, Texas, where she started looking for entry-level job opportunities.

“I was looking for material engineering careers in Houston, and I didn’t find too much of that there. After six months of looking, I received a LinkedIn message from a Revature recruiter who invited me to apply for a position. I prepared for the interview, and the next thing I knew, I was driving to Revature’s training location in Dallas, Texas, to start my first day. The recruitment process is very fast with Revature – I definitely wasn’t sitting there twiddling my thumbs.”

Justice trained in Java EE. She discovered unparalleled support from her trainer. “My trainer wasn’t only knowledgeable about the material – he was well-spoken and funny. He kept the environment light and comfortable. He said that technical skills are important, but reminded us that we will always be working with people, so the soft skills are equally as important. We worked on practice interviews and also learned how to explain the technology we’re working on to someone who may not know what it is.”

Collaboration is always encouraged in Revature’s workspace, and that’s exactly what Justice did. She connected with her fellow teammates to further advance her tech career, and distance isn’t an issue at all. “Although my teammates after training relocated to different client sites across the country, we still maintain that comradery – checking in on each other to see how life is. It’s nice.”

Now, she’s putting her skills to good use and thriving on her tech career path. We look forward to watching her succeed! If you’re hoping for the same amazing experience, get your Revature career started today.