October 2nd, 2019 Revature

How to Get a Job as a Software Developer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is booming. It’s a field that’s projected to grow by 24% from 2016 to 2026, and the prospect for job security seems all but inevitable. But it gets even better – your path to becoming a software developer or engineer isn’t a distant dream – the demand is already here.

In fact, if you visit Indeed.com and type in “entry-level software engineer,” you’ll see 12,238 openings throughout the U.S. That same query on Glassdoor yields 1,022 vacancies, and ZipRecruiter shows 292,716 opportunities.

The great news is you’ve chosen an industry that’s brimming with prospects and growth. The bad news is it can be incredibly frustrating getting your foot in the door – even with a bachelor’s degree.

The problem comes down to experience – or lack thereof.

The Painful Application Process

Landing a job as a software developer (even an entry-level software developer) can feel paradoxical. On one hand and you have your degree which should validate your application to any of the 292,716 vacancies. But after you apply, you either don’t hear back, or you’re told they’re looking for somebody who has more experience.

If this scenario sounds familiar then, you aren’t alone.

Across the U.S., frustrated would-be software engineers are turning to boot camps and coding schools to build upon the skills they’ve learned in school. Although boot camps have grown 9x in their popularity since 2013[1], they may not solve the fundamental reason why you’re considering attending: getting a job.

Boot camps exist to train you on the technology needed to get a job. However, most coding schools and boot camps don’t actively work to ensure your employment after the training stops.

But Revature does.  

How Revature Works for Your Employment

In addition to training you on the latest technologies, Revature collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, systems integrators, and government agencies. To design and tailor our curriculum with your immediate employment in mind. Rather than teach hypothetical situations and technologies that you might use on the job, our relationship with the business community enables us to understand their pain points and position you as the solution.

By the time you’re done with our immersive training program, you’ll have the requisite knowledge and experience that’s equivalent to approximately two years of on-the-job training. Additionally, our curriculum is designed to enhance your soft skills and presentation abilities, which are highly sought-after traits by employers. In fact, before you complete the training, you’ll work on a project with your peers and present it in front of Revature trainers and potential employees.

Here at Revature, we’ve launched thousands of tech careers. Join us and get yours started today.

[1] https://www.coursereport.com/reports/2018-coding-bootcamp-market-size-research