March 14th, 2022 Revature

Five Ways To Find a Reliable Front-End Web Developer for Hire

According to Zippia, more than 80,827 front-end developers are currently employed in America. With more focus on technology, this figure is expected to grow in the upcoming years.

If you’re new to front-end development, you may not be aware that it is also known as client-side development. It includes the creation of web languages, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, for websites or applications to make them accessible and interactive for the users.

A front-end developer endeavors to enhance the user experience in order to ensure they revisit the website more often.

Now more than ever in our digital world, a front-end developer is necessary to an organization. So how to find the front-end web developer for hire? Let’s find out.

Five Methods To Search for a Skilled Front-End Developer

Luckily, the internet offers various options to find the best tech talent both locally and internationally. The five easiest and most accessible ways include:

Working With a Talent Partner

The entire recruitment process, starting from search to the appointment, can be quite exhausting for recruitment teams.

This is why most employers consult a talent partner to handle the search responsibilities. But what exactly does a talent partner do?

A talent partner provides an employment platform that enables people who are searching for jobs an opportunity to find the best match. Similarly, the platform helps employers find the right talent to build their workforce.

Take the example of Revature, a leading tech-talent provider that works to narrow the opportunity gap between employers and employees.

As a talent partner, Revature powers your employees to develop coding skills through certifications. It also provides fresh software engineers with an equal opportunity to kickstart their careers.

Talent Recruitment Sites

Online talent recruitment sites inform job hunters about new vacancies and help businesses search for the right match. As an employer, you can simply place your job ad on any of the sites below:


This social networking platform is exclusively designed for professionals. Not only does it let you connect with a large number of front-end developers, but it also helps you contact prospective business partners.


Built specifically for employment, Upwork helps employers connect with independent workers. Through this platform, you can find front-end web developers for hire on a contractual basis.


Another independent marketplace, Freelancer allows businesses to post job opportunities for which interested individuals place their bids. The job is then assigned to the best match.


Upskilling is the easiest answer to your need to hire front-end developers. It is a process that requires employers to help employees learn new, advanced skills or teach them directly.

Upskilling helps narrow the talent gaps in your company and involve your team members in continuous learning. Moreover, upskilling also assists employees in moving a step ahead in their career paths.

So, instead of hiring new candidates, you can upskill those existing employees who already have an in-depth understanding of your organization.


In contrast to upskilling, you can also adopt reskilling, which includes training people to perform different jobs.

In simpler words, reskilling means searching for talent with adjacent skills that somehow match the new skills your company needs. According to the World Economic Forum, 54% of employees will need significant reskilling by the end of 2022.

Local Colleges Recruiting

Many companies develop college recruiting programs to attract and hire fresh college graduates. Strategies may include information sessions and career fairs.

Usually, entry-level jobs are the hardest to fill since employers have to train these individuals for newer technology. Luckily, they don’t have to do that with Gen Z graduates. So, you can go for on-campus recruitment in a well-known tech college for easy access to fresh careers talent.

Some Tips To Hire the Right Candidate

Before you decide upon any of the above methods as your best approach, you need to consider a few things. With the tips mentioned below, you can make the most out of your recruitment drive.

Understanding Your Goals

Your first step is to set your expectations for the recruitment drive. For example, why do you want a front-end developer? Do you want to tweak your application’s appearance? Or does your website need to be updated?

If you want to achieve both of the above goals, any front-end developer can be your best choice.

Similarly, determine if you just want to expand your business or bring diversity to your software development team. Understand your goals, and act accordingly.

Diversifying the Talent Pool

To find the best front-end developer for hire, you need to expand your search to a diversified talent pool. This exposes you to new skills, ideas, and thoughts that may help you make more informed decisions. Talent-acquisition platforms like Revature provide you with a diversified talent pool of many software developers.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Despite having impeccable skills, not every graduate gets equal opportunity for employment. So, as an employer, you need to avoid factors such as race, ethnicity, language, economic privilege, and religion that contribute to biased decision-making when hiring candidates.

Luckily, with Revature, you can easily close this opportunity gap. The platform’s main purpose is to connect tech talent with professional companies to help them kick start their careers equally.

Using Mock Projects

Asking candidates to work on mock projects and show their skills is the best way to find the best front-end developer. Since most of the job requirements for software engineers are based on practical results, you can use mock projects to evaluate a prospect’s potential.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best front-end developer for hire can be exhausting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, you can now post job ads on recruitment sites, adopt upskilling or reskilling, conduct on-campus drives, or work with a talent partner like Revature.

By partnering with Revature, you can easily close the opportunity gap and diversify your talent pool. Revature offers a safe platform and access to job-ready, emerging talent. Reach out to Revature to find the best front-end developer, someone who not only fulfills your immediate business needs but continues to grow with you.