November 2nd, 2021 Revature

Finding Top Tech Talent: The Hire-Train-Deploy Difference

Traditional staffing agencies have acted as middlemen between businesses and workers for a while now. Their goal is to help companies find qualified job candidates. The staffing agency creates the job posting and vets all potential candidates, narrowing down the options for the business, who has the final say in hiring.

While this may work for some industries, there’s another option that companies can consider — the hire-train-deploy model. Instead of working with a staffing agency, a business teams up with a company that hires aspiring workers fresh out of school (or still in school). That company trains its new employees and readies them for the businesses that need them. Instead of finding qualified talent, a company using the hire-train-deploy model creates it.

Tech Talent Based on Exact Specifications

When a company works with a staffing agency, they still have to go through the list of individuals the agency deems the most qualified. The problem, however, is that there’s a chance that no one meets their specifications. Or the candidate might meet a few requirements but not all.

When the organization partners with a company that uses the hire-train-deploy model, they can get top tech talent that meets their unique specifications. The HTD company works with them (and similar businesses) to identify the skills vital to their organization. It then provides the training necessary to ensure employees learn those top skills.

That’s not all employees learn. They’ll also get training in essential skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork. All the while, they’re gaining the necessary certifications and working on real-world projects that allow them to be ready to fill open positions within an organization.

Tech Talent Ready on Day One

Even with the most qualified candidate from a staffing agency, there’s a certain amount of training they’ll need to perform the job they were hired to do. Again, that process takes time (and costs money).

The tech talent a company finds with a hire-train-deploy partner comes with all the skills and training needed. They’re ready from the get-go. They’ve worked on real-world projects, gained essential industry experience, and received mentorship from others in their field. An organization can rest easy knowing they’re hiring someone who knows what they’re doing from the start.

Tech Talent Relocation Ready

Typically speaking, a company needs to work with a staffing agency near the location they’re looking to hire. For instance, their main office may be in Austin, but they need someone for their Atlanta office. Chances are, most individuals who go through a staffing agency aren’t willing or ready to move.

That isn’t the case with a company using the hire-train-deploy model. Along with being well-trained for an organization’s specifications, they’re also relocation ready. Wherever they’re needed, they’re prepared to travel.

Hire-Train-Deploy: The Way of the Future

There’s a reason why the hire-train-deploy model is disrupting the stronghold staffing agencies have held for so long. Innovation is long overdue, and the hire-train-deploy model fits the bill. It suits a company’s needs and the needs of the employees in the program. It also benefits the HTD company. In essence, it’s a win-win-win for everyone.

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