October 28th, 2022 Revature

Filling in the Cracks

Tech is not an easy industry to break into. As well as a great deal of persistence, you need to show mastery over both theory and practice. Proving your real-world chops can be a challenge, even for those with a computer science degree.

Joshua Hendrix found that out the hard way. As a computer science major, he had already learned how to code in multiple programming languages… in theory. But to pay his way through college, Joshua had to work a series of jobs unrelated to tech: for example, he worked in warehousing and accounting. That left him without the opportunity to intern in tech and, crucially, without a portfolio of practical coding experiences to show potential employers.

For months, he applied for jobs and heard nothing back. Then, out of the blue, Revature got in touch. Joshua hadn’t heard of the company, but after doing some research, he figured that their program could be just what he needed to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The training was tough. In fact, according to Joshua, “slackers” need not apply. But it was a great fit for those who, like him, were willing to put in the effort. It was also relentlessly practical. Joshua drew on his coding skills to put together a business application using Microsoft’s .NET platform. Meanwhile, he learned how to work hand-in-glove with professionals of different disciplines using the tools and methods of DevOps.

Following the training, Joshua landed a contract with a major retailer. They eventually hired him full time and promoted him to software engineer II. His work has been varied, and he has expanded his horizons by, among other things, learning to use the C coding languages and the programming method known as shell scripting.

Summing up, Joshua again emphasizes the practical aspects of his Revature experience. He highlights two benefits in particular. “Revature’s training filled in a lot of the cracks I felt from only having done programming in classes,” he says. “Also, Revature was able to get me in contact with a company I would not have otherwise been able to.” By making the most of that head-start, Joshua’s tech career has flourished.