November 8th, 2018 Revature

Emerging Technology Depends on Emerging Talent

Enterprise customers have more choices than ever when it comes to adopting new software. Out of necessity, they’ve become more thoughtful about how to evaluate the feasibility of one technology over another.

One concern is whether a reliable talent pool exists to support the technology. Without reliable talent pools, emerging technologies struggle for adoption. They remain niche solutions, at best.

Consequently, emerging technologies increasingly depend on emerging talent programs to succeed. Here’s why:

Adoption Requires an Ecosystem.

It’s an accomplishment when technology providers create software that’s more efficient, more flexible, or less expensive than existing solutions, yet none of those conditions guarantee customers will flock to them. A technology only gains widespread adoption if it evolves into a self-sustaining ecosystem. Auto manufacturers, for example, would sell far fewer cars without a network of mechanics to provide downstream maintenance services. In technology, emerging talent programs ensure that an ecosystem of developers exists at a critical scale.

Skilled technology workers are hard to find.

Organizations already have trouble recruiting and retaining qualified employees for widely adopted technologies. Integrating unproven technologies can exacerbate the problem, especially if the technology fails to gain traction among other organizations. It means another, even smaller talent pool from which to draw expertise. Emerging talent programs reassure customers by demonstrating that a sustainable talent pool for the technology exists.

Emerging talent programs reduce risk.

Organizations don’t adopt emerging technologies just because the solution is superior or the upfront cost is lower. They also consider long-term expenses associated with adopting new technologies, including the recruitment, hiring and retention of software developers who know the necessary programming languages and have the right experience to create effective applications. The lack of available talent creates uncertainty that factor’s into an organization’s willingness to adopt new technologies. Not only do emerging talent programs mitigate those risks by growing the overall talent pool, they specifically lower costs associated with training entry-level hires in emerging technologies.

Revature Leads the Way

As a leader in Emerging Talent Programs, Revature builds a bridge between emerging technologies and emerging talent. When organizations want to adopt new technologies, Revature reduces their risk by recruiting and training a pool of talented programmers with the necessary skills. We offer end-to end managed technical recruiting that supports Fortune 500 companies by removing the unpredictability associated with talent development. Our proprietary system ensures that new hires are up-to-speed on in-demand technologies and custom-trained for our client’s environment.

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