April 19th, 2022 Revature

eBook: A Tech Job Market Guide for Recent College Grads

Graduating in today’s job market means entering a world where technology is everywhere and the demand for advanced digital skills is constantly growing, with 75% of jobs expected to need them by 2030. With an increasing number of graduates seeking employment, new grads often struggle to land a degree-appropriate job that requires experience they don’t have, making it difficult to start their career in today’s competitive tech job market.

To help you kickstart your tech career, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for navigating your post-graduation career. Read on to learn about the challenges of landing jobs for recent college grads, the impact of Catch-22 on your career trajectory and earning potential, and the skills you need to get entry-level jobs in tech, regardless of your major or technical background. We will also cover:

–       The importance of landing an appropriate first job

–       How to escape the catch-22 of Entry-level Jobs

–       The network Gap.

–       The Hard skills, Soft Skills and Latent skills you need to secure entry-level jobs in tech.

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