November 17th, 2021 Revature

Digital Transformation Through Upskilling: A Recipe for Success

Digital transformation has changed the competitive landscape. Advanced technologies have changed business models and increased customer expectations, dramatically altering the demands on tech teams.

Across industries, tech and HR leaders are facing an unprecedented need — to arm their workforces with the skills to power a revolution.

For many of these leaders, upskilling internal talent to achieve this transformation seems like a monumental challenge. Fortunately, it’s not one they need to face alone.

As the industry’s largest employer of entry-level tech talent, Revature knows a few things about future-proofing employees in a digital world. Take advantage of Revature’s expertise and follow this formula to transform your team.

1. Determine the Necessary Skills for a Role

Digital transformation changes the scope and skill set of every tech-related role. Before you create an upskilling plan, you need to identify what skills will be necessary for your company’s tech-driven future.

These will be the ingredients in your recipe for success. If you’re baking a birthday cake, you have to know what you need before heading to the store. That means checking your pantry for the right quantities of flour, sugar, and eggs — not to mention those obscure ingredients you wouldn’t think of first.

Upskilling is the same. To set your teams up for success, you need to start with understanding what they need to know. You don’t want to over-invest in skills your team members already have. Even more importantly, you can’t afford to under-invest in skills that will power your transformation.

Look at the roles you need to develop and find out what skills power each. Think of the short- and long-term, focusing on what digital transformation will demand.

Ask yourself:

  • What skills does the person in this role currently need?
  • What existing skills will continue to be important?
  • Will any skills drop in priority?
  • What new skills will digital transformation demand?
  • How familiar will this person need to be with new technologies?

Be ready for these questions to highlight unknowns in your digital transformation strategy. That’s a good thing. If you consider those issues now, you can take a proactive approach to new technologies.

2. Inventory Current Employees’ Existing Skills

Skill set identification is critical, but it’s less useful without knowledge of the skills your team already possesses. These are the ingredients you already have. Maybe you need to bring some to a higher level, but you don’t need to start from zero.

Start by listing each employee’s current skills. Whenever possible, use a multi-point approach that includes:

  • Employee and supervisor interviews
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Recent performance reviews
  • Records of recent employee training
  • Assessment tests
  • Employee resumes and records (especially for newer hires)

Consider the level of each skill as well. A baseline familiarity with topics like machine learning and cloud technology might not be enough to power real digital transformation.

3. Determine the Skills Gap for Each Employee

Once you have skills lists for each position and employee, you can identify the gaps. This will tell you whether an employee is a logical candidate for upskilling. If not, the best bet may be to find an external candidate who can transition into the role more easily.

It’s not about dispensing with the skills your employees have built. Most of the time, your existing tech staff will have a background that prepares them well for a digitally transformed workplace.

4. Train for Purpose

Quality training is the final and most crucial element of successful upskilling. Quality is the most important word here. You don’t want to risk your company’s digital transformation.

Partnering with the right company will be another important step. You want a partner that’s well-established in the tech training industry. Workforce development changes quickly, and it’s critical to have someone on your side who understands best practices and latest tech trends.

Trust is the key indicator. Your partner should have a track record as the top tech platforms’ go-to training resource.

Achieving Digital Transformation with Revature

Revature has earned the trust of top platforms for its industry-relevant, high-quality training strategies. When companies choose Revature to upskill their tech teams, you can confidently make the same choice.

Whatever your digital transformation goals, Revature can help you meet them by arming your staff with today’s most important tech skills. If you’re interested in creating a customized employee training program for your tech talent, reach out today. Revature is waiting to power your transformation and your team.