October 27th, 2021 Revature

Could You Have a Career In Tech? 5 Unexpected Personality Traits That Make You A Great Developer

Have you ever wondered what makes a good software engineer? It’s not a knowledge of programming languages or the ability to work with certain tools. That’s all teachable.

Great software engineering comes from inside. It’s about who you are and how you’ve learned to make it in the world, no matter your background.

1. Creativity

A creative mind is one of the software developer’s most important assets. As a developer, you’ll face many complex issues that don’t respond to typical solutions. You’ll need to think outside the box and find new solutions.

Your creativity will allow you to see solutions that no one else has noticed. You’ll see a solution that worked well for Problem A, so you’ll try it on Problem B. If it doesn’t work, you’ll find a way to tweak it or look for something else you haven’t tried.

2. Curiosity

When a project goes wrong, the curious developer immediately starts to investigate. They look at what happened, why it didn’t go the way they thought it would, and what they might do differently to change things.

By approaching things with curiosity instead of frustration and judgment, a developer can solve problems faster and more effectively.

Curiosity also drives innovation. Curious developers think about the problems users face and how the right tool might make it easier. If you often find yourself thinking Wow, there should be an app for that, you’re probably a budding software developer.

3. Courage

Whether you’re trying a new fix or pitching a new idea, you need to be willing to go out on a limb and see if it works out well.

You’ll need courage to test a program when you don’t know it will work. You’ll need courage to launch a product that’s been tested, trusting that your work made it ready for users. No matter what struggles you face, your courage will keep you standing behind your ideas.

4. Communication Skills

Despite popular opinion, software developers don’t operate in a vacuum. Development is an extremely complex process and requires the work of many people with many different skills.

As a good communicator, you’ll be able to collaborate with colleagues, gathering ideas that make the final product better.

You’ll also have a leg up with account managers, tech writers, sales personnel, and everyone else responsible for getting your work into the world. You’ll be able to explain what you’ve created, what its value is, and how people are supposed to use it.

5. Patience

Software development isn’t an easy or quick process. You’ll have code that glitches multiple times. You’ll have a project that goes through round after round of testing, and you’ll wonder if it will ever launch.

Patience will get you through. It’s the quality that turns curiosity into effective problem-solving because it keeps you from getting discouraged. Patience also helps you to collaborate with team members, train newcomers, and even get the funding needed for your dream project.

Making It Work: How to Transfer Your Skills

If you have even some of these skills, you’re in a good place to become a great developer. Revature can help by giving you the opportunity to learn those other skills, including today’s most in-demand technologies.

Learn more today, and start using your best qualities to power a successful tech career.