March 18th, 2022 Revature

Inspiration Series: Bethany

I first left home as a teenager in high school. The last thing on my mind was finishing my degree. I graduated because my older sister took me in and fought for my future. My college degree is also in large part a product of her moral support and relentless belief in me. There were things she did toward my future that I wouldn’t know about until years later.

Upon my recent promotion, my mind went back to those pivotal moments and how vastly different my life would look without her always showing up and pouring her encouragement into me. The returns on her investment might seem insignificant, but it altered the course of my life and was immeasurably valuable to me.

What I love most about working for Revature is that it provides opportunities and pathways toward a new future. Perhaps it’s my way of paying forward what she gave to me. There’s really no greater investment we can make during our time in this world then in one another. No kind effort is too small to change the course of a life. She taught me that.

#attitudeofgratitude #grit #lifelonglearning