June 4th, 2018 Revature

After graduation, is the consulting life right for you?

Every company relies on information technology to do business. It’s easy to see why IT jobs are projected to grow faster than other occupations over the next decade.

Although the IT field is promising overall, pursuing a consulting career is a big decision. It’s not the best move for everyone. If you’re not sure whether it’s right for you, this post offers some thoughts to consider.

What do IT consultants do?

Broadly speaking, consultants set out to improve business operations in ways that support their employers’ missions. In particular, IT consultants focus on technology as the driver of continuous improvement. Depending on what a client needs, that consultant may be involved in identifying areas of improvement, recommending paths forward, building and testing new systems, or facilitating and integrating a variety of solutions.

Would you be a good IT consultant?

Whether or not you’d be a good consultant depends more on your personality and overall career goals than on your skills after graduation. For instance, the best consultants are comfortable working with other people. It’s a good career choice for someone who likes working in a team environment and adapts easily to different organizational models.

More than anything, good IT consultants are problem-solvers. By nature, they’re attracted to seemingly insurmountable challenges. If you get excited about breaking complex problems into achievable goals, then IT consulting might be a good career choice.

In fact, you don’t need a background in computer science to make a good IT consultant. Graduates with different majors approach problem-solving with unique perspectives. All of them are valuable in technology environments, because that diversity contributes to innovation. As long as you understand basic software development concepts, what matters most are an aptitude for collaboration and a desire for constant improvement.

The Consulting Life

The best consultants display an exceptional work ethic, flexibility, and the drive to solve problems. When combined with the right skills and experience, those traits lead to lead to unparalleled opportunities. At Revature, we call it the Consulting Life.

We recruit and train talented graduates who want a long-term career in IT consulting. As part of our commitment to the Consulting Life, we make sure you have the tools and support to be successful. To that end, we provide unique opportunities, including free training, work on enterprise-level projects and one-on-one attention.

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