February 11th, 2020 Revature

Meet Aaron Adler

Whether it was technology, art, or music, Aaron Adler always enjoyed creating. From building robots and programming video games to playing music, Aaron has many talents. Although he had a variety of interests, Aaron decided to pursue a B.A in Mathematics from Sacramento State University, but he knew a career in software development was the perfect combination of both his artistic and logical mind. Thankfully, Aaron found that mathematics was versatile and could be applied to his passion.

“I think of art a bit differently than most – I even think math is a form of art. It’s a lot of writing, thinking about how these relations create new relations, it can be very abstract. I think the same about developing; it’s more than just figuring out the code, it’s making sure that it looks good and that it’s easily accessible for any edits in the future. I believe It involves a lot of foresight and creativity.”

When it came to launching his tech career, Aaron initially looked at boot camps to gain experience. “Because I didn’t have a job, I couldn’t afford a boot camp that costs $10K and wouldn’t pay me at all.” When he came across Revature, moving from California to Virginia seemed like the right risk to take. “I liked that Revature was a job that would pay me to learn and required me to relocate, which was like a new adventure for me. It allowed me to get away from my old environment where I would’ve been distracted from my goals.”

After being hired by Revature, Aaron started training in C# (Sharp), where he learned this multi-paradigm programming language. His trainer worked with him in a classroom environment – encouraging him and his teammates to connect. “My trainer would say it’s good to try to solve a problem by yourself at first. But don’t take too much time on it. Ask questions if you don’t understand something – there’s a community of support here who want to help you.”

Now, Aaron is utilizing the skills he learned through Revature as a developer with one of the leading financial institutions in the country. “I’m excited to start my career in the industry that I want to be in, not everyone is so lucky, especially in such a large company, wow.”

What’s his advice for anyone going through the program? “Utilize what Revature offers to the fullest. Study, and if you’re struggling with a specific topic or code, try a different project through “RevPro – that platform offers a lot of practice opportunities that strengthen your skillset. Most importantly, be open to other people, ask for help, and help other people too because you can improve your own knowledge sometimes by teaching.”

If you’re like Aaron and want to get your career in technology going – even if you don’t have a formal computer science background – let’s get started!