October 25th, 2019 Revature

5 Pitfalls that will Haunt You as an Employer

As an employer, wild cards commonly walk through the interview door and you don’t always know what to expect. The hiring process can be costly, tiresome, repetitive, and, on the rare occasion, frightening.

Because interviewing is a mixing pot of talent levels and personalities, it’s not surprising that nearly 3 out of 4 employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position. (prnewswire.com) Avoid making these five decisions that could haunt you as an employer.

1. Only choosing from a niche market of candidates

It’s easy to put blinders on when searching for the right candidate. However, recruiting should be the perfect balance of finding the right personality paired with the right skill sets. If the scope of your search is too narrow, you might miss out on unparalleled talent that can drive your organization forward. There are candidates all over the country – expand your search beyond city limits toward diverse possibilities.

2. Becoming a revolving door for talent

Are you struggling to retain talent? A high turnover rate can massively decrease employee morale and cost you more in the long run, especially when hiring candidates who are not fully trained on the specific technologies you need. “According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual’s annual earnings.” (Parkerlynch.com) Consider rethinking your hiring approach, redefining your values, and inspiring supportive work culture.

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3. Only hiring for today

Think about your current job openings and how long they have been open. This situation can be costly if you’re only hiring for today’s needs and not tomorrow’s. Advance your company toward the future by looking beyond a candidate’s skillset and discovering who they are as people – trust in connecting aptitude to opportunity.

4. Thinking you can train ANYone

Training can be time-consuming and ineffective, if not done properly. Leave it to experts who specialize in developing technology talent to do it for you. Conquer the fear of the unknown by having a predictable stream of available talent when you need it.

5. Not choosing Revature to help

At Revature, we alleviate hiring haunts by guiding our team members through immersive training based on your specific technology needs. We recruit, develop, and deploy diverse, enterprise-ready technology talent nationwide, helping our corporate partners succeed and grow.

Technologies we train on include:

  • Java EE
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Cloud (AWS, AZURE, GCP)
  • Salesforce
  • Pega
  • ServiceNow
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • MuleSoft

We don’t scare easily, having successfully trained and deployed more than 4,000 software engineers. Connect with us now to learn how we can eliminate your hiring fears.