November 9th, 2021 Revature

5 Fast Ways to Scale Tech Talent Acquisition in 2023

Change will continue to accelerate rapidly in the world of tech talent acquisition in 2022. Digital transformation and high-volume tech hiring will increase. And demand for qualified software engineers will keep growing.

In the year ahead, it will become even more difficult to source, analyze, and predict who will best meet the needs of your business. Post-pandemic hiring will continue to heat up while job searchers’ focus is shifting from being purely remunerative to more about lifestyle quality. You can scale your tech talent acquisition strategy to meet future demand with these highly effective practices.

5 Best Practices to Scale Your Tech Talent Acquisition Rapidly

Tech talent acquisition will face new and challenging conditions in 2022 as digital transformation increases the demand for skilled workers throughout the economy.

Here are the top five ways you can quickly bring on board the tech talent that your business needs to thrive.

1. Create Efficiencies in Tech Talent Acquisition for Your Hiring Operation

Predictive analytics using AI quickly identifies the strongest candidates. Time-to-hire and quality-of-hire both improve while candidates enjoy a better experience. Identifying candidates who are day-one-ready brings reliability and ensures a productive hiring operation.

2. Diversify Your Talent Pool

With skilled software engineers becoming scarcer, you may be missing out on great candidates by keeping your talent pool too narrow. Diversifying your talent pool can come in the form of:

  • Technical and soft skills.
  • Aptitude.
  • Attitude.
  • Geographical region.

Considering your DEI goals in light of your hiring needs is an excellent way to expand the diversity of your talent pool.

3. Align IT & Recruiting

Team collaboration is critical in setting clear expectations from the beginning. When IT is specific in documenting recruiting demands, the hiring team doesn’t waste time and cycles identifying and recruiting candidates that do not fit.

4. Have the Ability to Forecast

A scalable and highly efficient tech recruiting operation must be predictable. Your hiring process should be able to forecast and deliver on hiring goals so that your business roadmap can be executed. Data analysis of records can quickly predict which candidates are reliable talent. You can efficiently sort out who:

  • Has the proper training.
  • Is day-one ready.
  • Can start at the location of your choice.

5. Focus On Partners Who Can Scale With Your Demands

Traditional staffing models find it difficult to scale up hiring activity because in-house training programs take time to create and move candidates through. Find professionals who are used to working at scale and have the tools and processes to quickly source, analyze, and train the candidates best suited to succeed.

The hiring function is increasingly seen as a transactional activity that is best outsourced to specialized professionals rather than attempting to do it in-house. New approaches, such as the hire-train-deploy model, provides trained, skilled, and certified tech talent ready to work with minimal lead times.

Choosing the Right Partner

Vendor selection is critical when choosing a tech talent supplier to partner with. Choose an experienced provider who has a consistent track record of supplying tech talent at scale.

They must be up-to-speed on the latest digital trends and high-volume hiring practices to quickly support your tech talent acquisition strategy.

Trusted partners like Revature are strongly positioned to help you and become part of your talent acquisition process. Discover more about how Revature can solve your tech talent acquisition challenges quickly in 2022.