How to Hire Entry-level IT Developers with 2 Years’ of Experience

  Srikanth Ramachandran |

Everyone wants to hire a team member with experience and software programming is no exception. Even when considering an entry-level position, employers tend to gravitate towards a new hire with at least 2 years of experience. With that experience comes proven abilities such as understanding deadlines, working in a fast-paced environment, seamlessly joining project teams, and the ability to think in terms of business goals and not just project requirements.

But hiring experienced professionals brings a new set of challenges. The salary curve of experienced programmers rises quickly, and developers are in short-supply. The tech talent shortage is possibly reaching the highest level since 2008, with a recent survey of CIOs showing that 65 percent now feel hiring challenges are hurting their industry. So, while hiring experience is a must, how do you accomplish this cost effectively in such a competitive environment?

The answer could be a coding bootcamp.

A good bootcamp moves beyond the conceptual and creates a practical work environment where students are held accountable similar to a real office. They can gain an understanding of the entire software development lifecycle, learn processes such as application development management, and work with the latest methodologies such as DevOps. The best part is that a bootcamp can help you avoid the HR expenses and additional salaries associated with a new hire.

The key to a bootcamp that will deliver experienced pros is one that immerses the trainee in real-life development situations such as daily stand-ups, while working with real methodologies such as agile and scrum. At the same time, the bootcamp should nurture soft skills, including effective communications, adaptability and problem solving.

It may sound like a magic trick, but you can hire someone with 2 years of practical coding experience who has completed a 12-week program. Hiring bootcamp “graduates” could be the road to make it happen.

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