Vendor Selection Checklist: Tech Talent Acquisition

Whether your organization is assessing fit of an existing tech talent acquisition partner or conducting a search to choose your next partner, it pays to ensure alignment between your IT leadership and recruiting department.

Organizations who are serious about digital transformation are increasingly shifting focus to innovative strategies they can adopt in order to win the battle for tech talent in today’s market.

Bring your IT and recruitment leaders together with this checklist to ensure that your tech talent acquisition partner meets your strategic goals, including:

  • Scale: An operational workflow and model that complements your tech talent requirements.
  • Adaptability: Ability to cater to your requirements and have control to hire permanently, as desired.
  • Risk mitigation: Shield your organization from the many pitfalls of tech talent hiring.
  • Predictable Output: Based on your inputs, ensure the end result.

Are your IT leaders in sync with your recruiters?

Download the Vendor Selection Checklist: Tech Talent Acquisition and move your IT and recruiting teams toward a single, aligned vision in order to effectively secure the tech talent you need today and moving forward.

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