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Say hello to the best way to kick-start your career in tech. Revature provides paid real-world training so you can learn the programming skills you need to accelerate your career. Then, we’ll place you in a job with one of our top company partners, like Salesforce, Peloton, and Bank of America, where you can earn around $100,000 in your first two years!
That’s right: We pay you to Iearn and then provide job placement!


Your <strong>First Job</strong> in Tech

When you apply to Revature, you're actually applying for a two-year program to work on enterprise-level, real-world projects contracted by top companies. You'll build your resume and portfolio while gaining free training. Certifications and accommodations are just part of the full stack.
After your 10-12 week paid training with Revature, you're ready to start your new career in tech. Once you've completed training, you'll be working for one of the Fortune 500 companies in our network and earn between $105-$125K over the next 24 months while building up experience with enterprise clients.

Real World Projects

The projects you'll work on are not theoretical. They are enterprise-level projects that have application in real-world business and technology. As you learn and build your skills, you're gaining actual industry experience.

Customized Training

Our program is designed based on the most needed programming skills in the job market. With our business partners, we've identified skills that are vital to their organization. That means we're preparing you to work in the real world, instead of following a textbook syllabus.

You'll also get communication, teamwork and leadership training.

Mentorship & Support

We're invested in your success—you'll have an employee engagement team member to support and provide you with a wide range of assistance. As a Revature employee, you'll also have access to our expansive network of like minded peers who can show you the ropes to ensure you'll rock your tech career.

We connect early career tech professionals with technology careers


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Want to know what it's really like at Revature? Hear about it directly from our employees who have been through the program and are out working with our clients.

How You Start Your Career in Tech is Binary:

START or don't.

How to Work at Revature


Request Information

Requesting information is simple and fast. No prior coding experience is required!

Connect With a Recruitment Specialist

Here, we’ll get to know more about your background, what skills you want to learn, the certifications you want, and your career goals.

Take the Assessment

Next, you’ll take a skills assessment so we can build a training program for you. Don’t worry — a study guide is provided!

Get Paid, Trained, and Placed!

We’ll provide you with an intensive and customized training program — all online and all while getting paid! Over the course of 10 to 14 weeks, you’ll learn the skills while working on projects that set you on your career path.
You’ll get certified in the most important technologies that meet the needs of today's top businesses:

<li>Java fullstack<li>
<li>Salesforce CRM<li>
<li>Cloud Admin/Azure<li>
<li>Cloud Admin/AWS<li>
<li>And more!<li>

Kickstart your Career

After you’ve successfully completed training, you’ll be assigned to a Revature client and begin working on leading-edge technologies for many of the most innovative companies in the world.

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