Your Tech Journey Begins
at Revature. Start Today.

There are many ways to gain valuable tech skills and launch a tech career from right where you are today. At Revature we take your potential and shape it into purpose, by supplying a clear path for anyone, from any background who wants to learn tech.
Start Wherever You Are.
No experience? No problem! You can start learning basic programming skills with Revature. We also have an abbreviated training pathway for individuals who have a basic knowledge of programming. Our pathways accommodate different learning styles and can be self-paced or virtual trainer-led, and include projects and portfolio building.
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How to Start Your Pathway in Tech
1. Apply
The first step in your journey is completing our application to enroll. It’s simple and fast. Remember – no prior coding experience is required.
2. Enroll
Based on your application, get set up on our platform to begin your pathway forward.
3. Start
Start learning the fundamentals of programming through guided sessions, videos, working on real-world projects, and more! 
4. Go
Put your skills to work – you got this! After completing this training, you also have the opportunity to join the Revature team and work on project for one of the Fortune 500 companies in our network.
Your Tech Journey Begins
at Revature. Start Today