Learn Salesforce, PEGA and become a CRM/BPM Developer

Introduction: Learn CRM/BPM

In these series, you’ll learn the fundamentals necessary for customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) platforms. By learning the most in-demand technologies such as Salesforce, Appian, Dynamics, and Pega, you’ll position yourself well in any job market.

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Java Fundamentals

Learn what it takes to run a Java application as well as what JDK is and what all it entails. This also includes basic program structure including conditional and iterative statements.

Java Integrations

Learn how to integrate database functionality through JDBC, the servlet API, and communicate thru HTTP, as well as create server-side render pages such as JSP.

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Advanced Java

Master the spring framework including legacy, boot, data, web and cloud though spring cloud and create microservices leveraging a continuous integration pipeline.

What is CRM/BPM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are extensively used by sales and marketing teams to manage relationships between the organization and their customers or potential customers. Business process management (BPM) platforms are used to make processes more efficient and streamline workflows.

Why Learn CRM/BPM?

Across the globe, organizations of every size are increasing their reliance on CRM and BPM platforms to make and drive their business decisions. But these enterprise platforms require a baseline knowledge and hands-on learning that’s expensive to gain at bootcamps and challenging to obtain at institutions of higher learning. As departments continue to get tasked to do more with less and be data-driven, CRM and BPM platforms will be at the center of the decision-making process.

What will I learn in this series?

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Learn CRM/BPM at Your Own Pace

RevaturePro is an online-based educational tool that allows you to learn the basics of CRM and BPM at your own pace. Offering courses that range from introductory to advanced, RevaturePro provides the foundation and structure needed to quickly pick up and apply CRM and BPM concepts. If you want to fully immerse yourself in learning CRM or BPM, Revature offers a 10-week program where we teach you CRM or BPM, and prepare you for a career in technology.

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