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Revature trains for careers in tech. Revature alumni work at these top companies:

Meet the Revature alumni who went from Music Major to developing, implementing, and testing web apps at a Fortune 500 company.

After a 2 year job hunt, he got a foot in the door with Revature. He is now employed by a Fortune 500 firm as a quality assurance engineer.

This computer science graduate needed a foot in the door. Today, he's a software engineer for a major insurance company. He got there with Revature.

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We've taken over 10,000 aspiring software engineers from job seeker to tech professional in weeks. All you need is grit and determination, and we'll take care of the rest.

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After your application, we’ll ask you to complete a Technical Evaluation. Combined with the application, this will allow us to put you on the path to success. No matter how much code experience you have.

Facts speak for themselves

96% get placed on client projects after completing training.

Facts speak for themselves

89% of associates who land projects are brought on as permanent employees by our clients.

Facts speak for themselves

95% of Revature associates are still employed by Revature clients 2 years later.

Facts speak for themselves

90% of Revature alumni say we had a positive impact on their careers.

Don’t just take our word for it.

IanSoftware Engineer - national retail chain
KayciUX Designer
JamesSoftware Engineer III

Meet Ian, A software engineer with a knack for learning

“I had always been interested in software development,” says Ian Baker, speaking of his time before Revature. But without a bachelor’s degree in computer science, “I could not find someone willing to give me the time of day.” Instead, while working various jobs at a pizza parlor, a grocery store, a gas station, and finally in remote tech support, Ian began developing Android apps as a hobby. He recalls waking up in the middle of the night to check his bank balance, worrying that his paycheck might not get him through. When he became a father, he decided to up his game. He applied to Revature. “The training is not for the faint of heart,” Ian says. Nevertheless, he threw himself into it body and soul. From the start, he realized that this would be a team sport. He formed various study groups with his peers, as well as an online discussion group that would eventually be known as the Devs’ Guild. On a technical level, his training was in Java. But it was also good preparation for learning other technologies. That was fortunate, because for his Revature client placement, he had to learn a whole new stack. “It took additional time and study before and after work every day but within a month’s time I was as proficient as any other junior developer with 1-2 years on the job.” Since then, Ian has turned his hand to various technologies—including e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management—always with success. Learn more

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