Ebook skill gap myth

Why the Tech Skills Gap
Is A Myth

How employers can tap into underutilized talent with non-traditional
hiring models

According to a report published in 2021 by Skillsoft Global Knowledge,
76% of IT decision-makers report “critical skills gaps” on their teams. When asked to explain these gaps, hiring managers typically say that they cannot find skilled candidates.

These shortages have serious consequences. They increase stress on existing employees, lower productivity, and compromise teams’ ability to deliver on quality and business objectives.

The concept of a skills gap as it pertains to finding tech talent is not new but deeper investigation shows that the skills gap is a myth, and that the discussion should focus more on the lack of opportunity.

Download our eBook Why the Tech Skills Gap Is a Myth to learn:
  • Why IT vacancies are at critical levels
  • Why arguments for a technology “skills gap” fall apart under scrutiny
  • How to find under-utilized talent employers are missing out on
  • Why employers should consider non-traditional hiring models

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