Five Reasons to Learn Salesforce

What’s a technology that can advance your career? Salesforce – it’s the number one cloud provider in the customer relationship management (CRM) space and has set the industry standard for sales workforce automation.

Below are five reasons to learn Salesforce and why it’s a great career for an aspiring Software Developer…

  1. Declarative Features – Tools such as Process Builder and Schema Builder are features that allow developers to quickly create workflows and data schemas with little to no code.
  2. Full Customization – provides APEX, Triggers, Visualforce, and Lightning for fully customized solutions. These tools give you developers the ability to write code that executes within the Salesforce platform.
  3. Career Growth – Salesforce holds most of the market share in the cloud CRM space, and are the fourth largest software firm.
  4. Technical Documentation –  With Salesforce, you’re never in the dark. This technology provides extensive documentation for working with their products. All documentation is available publicly in their developer guides with step-by-step instructions for getting started with Salesforce.
  5. Community – The annual Salesforce Conference, Dreamforce, brings over 170,000 developers from around the world together showcasing new features within the platform.

Over 150,000 companies, both big and small, are growing their businesses with Salesforce.

With vast career opportunities, in-depth technical documentation, and a community of developers connected developer community, you can easily build your skills and career within the Salesforce space.

Salesforce is one of many of Revature’s immersive training tracks. We provide an employer-paid training program for aspiring Software Engineers as well as the opportunity to work on projects for Fortune 500 companies.

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