July 20th, 2018 Revature

Why Summer Is the Best Time to Job-Hunt

Job-hunting is like driving a car, and summer is a steep hill. Too many people ease off the gas just when they should be stomping on the accelerator (albeit with the top down and a nice breeze on their face).

It’s understandable why people take a break from job-hunting during the summer. Lounging poolside with a magazine is more appealing than revising a resume.

Drinking cocktails with friends on a rooftop bar while the sun sets is way more relaxing than writing cover letters.

And who would blame you for taking a couple weeks to travel instead of compiling a portfolio?

Nonetheless, job-hunting during the summer has its benefits.

The Competition Is On Holiday

Hiring doesn’t stop during the summer. Jobs open up every day, yet lots of job-seekers give themselves permission not to apply because, you know … it’s hot out? The days are longer?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

What does make sense is taking advantage of potentially smaller pools of applicants. When you job-hunt in the summer, you stay available for opportunities that others have decided to pass over for no good reason.

While your competition builds sand-castles, you’re building a career.

It’s Easier to Sneak Into Inboxes

You know what people love about summer? They get less email.

You know what they can’t stop doing, even during the summer? Checking their email.

From around mid-June to mid-August, the flood of messages into inboxes recedes to a gentle stream. This is your opportunity to reach out to contacts at organizations who can help with your career. Whether it’s to make contact, meet for coffee, ask for help, or apply for a job – summer is the time when you’re more likely to get a response.

As It Is, Hiring Cycles Are Long Enough

Seasoned job-hunters know that finding the perfect job is not an overnight endeavor. Sometimes the hiring cycles at desirable organizations have unpredictable schedules. An application today might become an interview tomorrow … or next week … or three months from now. After the interview, a job offer might come right away or not for weeks, depending on how many candidates are under consideration.

From the time you start looking to the time you start your dream job, a year might have gone by. And that’s if you’re keeping a constant lookout for opportunities.

If you take the summer off from job-hunting, the process could take even longer.

Spend the Summer with Revature

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