July 18th, 2022 Revature

Bridging the Intelligent Automation Talent Gap with the Next Generation of Pega Professionals

The demand for intelligent automation (IA) expertise is very real, but so is the shortage of IA talent, even for larger and well-established companies. For example, robotic process automation (RPA)—an offshoot of IA—has, for several years, been one of the fastest-growing segments in the enterprise technology market, leading to a huge demand for RPA skills. This demand is fueling the rest of the IA sector, causing it to heat up and leading to a significant talent gap.

I’ve seen this talent gap evolve firsthand over the past few years and am proud to have worked with Pega and Revature, two companies that are proactively doing something to address the challenge.

An award-winning hire-train-deploy model

Before coming to Revature, I worked for 25 years at Pega, a provider of low-code solutions for intelligent automation, AI-powered decisioning, and customer experience solutions. Part of my role there was running Pega’s worldwide instructor team, who helped students become well versed in all aspects of the Pega platform. We created targeted training programs for customers, partners, and employees and worked with universities around the globe to develop next-generation talent to fill the growing demand.

Fast-forward to today, and I’m thrilled to be continuing to help Pega succeed in its mission to nurture new talent. Except now, I’m part of the team at Revature that works with Pega to train and place talented tech workers.

As a Pega Workforce Development and Authorized Training Partner, Revature has built an award-winning curriculum around our “hire-train-deploy” model. With this model, we hire qualified talent, train them on the Pega platform, and place them in Pega-related jobs at our clients.

The comprehensive curriculum we’ve developed for Pega helps companies build teams of Pega Certified Systems Architects and Pega Certified Senior Systems Architects and equips associates with expertise in Pega’s cloud platform. When they finish their training, associates are well versed on Pega’s technologies and Day-One ready. This ensures Pega can deliver job-ready talent to its clients and partners so they can meet their digital transformation goals faster.

Nurturing current and future technology experts

Of course, it’s not just about helping Pega grow its talent base. Both Revature and Pega are passionate about nurturing current and future technology experts. We share a commitment to helping our associates reach their full potential and take advantage of opportunities they may not otherwise be able to experience, even with traditional computer science degrees.

We want everyone who’s interested in making their mark in the technology industry to have the chance to do so, regardless of where they come from, their experience levels, and other factors. We want to build diverse and talented teams of individuals and give them the chance to exercise their technical skills and creativity.In short—we want to give them the chance to build the next wave of low-code solutions and forge a path toward a more intelligent future.

We do this by going beyond the theoretical and providing associates with practical skills they can use to succeed NOW. By training them on how to use actual tools and helping them become certified in Pega’s solutions—and then placing them in organizations that need those skills—we help them get a jumpstart on their careers.

Continuing to grow and succeed

Personally, I’m proud that the bulk of my own career has been dedicated to helping these individuals succeed, first at Pega and now at Revature. And I’m particularly thrilled that since 2019 we’ve become a trusted partner that has helped Pega grow the number of Pega-certified associates and expand its talent pool into clients and partners around the world.

It’s been a remarkable partnership for Revature, Pega, and the associates we’ve trained together. I’m looking forward to continuing the partnership and doing our part to shorten that IA talent gap.

By Jeff Vande Wege, Vice President, Channel Partnerships