March 21st, 2018 Revature

Advice to New Graduates Starting a Career in Technology

Karan Dhirar, our Director of Technology, has been at Revature for almost eight years. He became the second trainer at the company. Having now trained 500+ software engineers, he offers the following advice to new graduates interested in a career in technology:

1. Technology is one domain that does not get affected by recession. It is a dynamic environment where individuals get a chance to experience exciting challenges on a daily basis. So, I would say, it’s a great field to be in for individuals who are looking for challenges and who are inclined towards enhancing their logical and creative thinking.

2. Based on my experience, I would like to emphasize on the importance of “smart work”. We all have heard that we should put in hard work to succeed in our careers. My advice to prospective software engineers would be to find a perfect balance between “smart work” and “hard work”, especially in the technology domain. Due to the ever-changing paradigm in the technology world, it is important to manage work in an efficient and productive manner. That’s where smart work is critical. Although, there is no substitute for hard work.

3. Passion for technology, understanding requirements and problem solving skills are other factors that can help prospective software developers excel in the world of technology.

4. It is very important for individuals to understand team dynamics while working in the technology domain, or any domain rather. Teamwork is critical when it comes to developing highly scalable enterprise applications. Individual efforts are great but without team efforts, progress can’t be ascertained.

5. To quote our CIO, “Be a learning animal”. For prospective software engineers it is critical to constantly learn and grasp new technologies. The technology field is an ocean of knowledge. There is a lot to assimilate.